Tips to minimize Vulvodynia Pain during intercourse.


The outer genital area of a female is known as the vulva, which includes the skin around the opening of the vagina. Vulvodynia is a prevalent condition that causes persistent pain in the vulvar area and is not induced by a skin disease, an infection, or any other medical problem. The exact cause of vulvodynia is unknown. Vulvodynia pain lasts for about three months or more.


If you are experiencing vulvodynia, taking care of your genital hygiene is the best option. Avoid products that may irritate your skin and provoke pain.


These natural approaches may help alleviate the symptoms of vulvodynia:


Use 100% Cotton Undergarments:

Cotton panties are absorbent, soft, and breathable. Pure cotton feels gentle on your skin. Its capacity to absorb wicks away sweat and its breathable nature facilitate drying of moisture that may stay trapped in synthetics fibers like nylon or lycra and encourage bacteria growth. Synthetic clothes could cause bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.


Avoid Douching:

Douching can alter the optimum pH balance of vaginal flora (the good bacteria that maintains a healthy environment and natural acidity of the vagina). Both good and harmful bacteria are present in a healthy vagina. A sound balance between bacteria helps sustain an acidic pH. The acidic environment shields the vagina against infections or inflammation. Douching can result in excess of harmful bacteria causing dangerous contagions that can reach your uterus, fallopian tubes, and even ovaries. Spreading of infections can result in a pelvic inflammatory disease which is a severe health condition.


Use Gentle Methods for Cleansing:

Use only water to clean the vaginal area. Avoid products that irritate the skin, such as fragrances, colorants, shampoos, soaps, and deodorizers. Wash the vulvar region with water only after urination and dry it. By applying a small quantity of preservative-free oil after bathing, you can lock moisture in the skin and protect it. Apply cool gel compresses on the vulva.


Carefully Select Your Lubricant:

Use lube during sex, but be careful while choosing one. Lubricants with flavor, fragrances, or warming/cooling sensations can badly irritate the sensitive inner skin surrounding the vagina. The lubricant you use should be water-based, smooth on application, hygienic, unscented, and non-staining.


Use Cotton Pads & Tampons:

Most sanitary products are manufactured from non-breathable synthetic fibers and gels made of harsh chemicals. Replacing artificial products with natural, 100% cotton pads reduces exposure to certain substances, disturbing the vaginal lining.



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