Tibetan singing bowl

The principal bowls were produced using a composite of different metals and were utilized effectively 6000 years prior in the Far East. Tibetan singing bowls territory a puzzling acoustic wonder, which was found by “otherworldly vacationers” in the Himalayas and after the Chinese intrusion of Tibet showed up additionally in Europe and the USA.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Blue: My Shape Time Blue Singing Bowl is excellently crafted by the skilled Nepalese artisans who work day and night to produce the best quality product for the ailing world. It is specially hand-crafted with love and dedication that works magic on the heart and the mind of the people using it.

  • Why Blue Hues?: Color blue is associated with the 5th chakra “The Throat Chakra” which refers to purification center of the body with creativity & self-expression. MyShape Time Blue Brass singing bowl may help to provide the limitless blue sky of peace & healings. With the size of 5 inches singing bowl, a 7 color ring cushion and a wooden mallet comes way from the foothills of the Himalayas. This large meditation singing bowls set is a beneficial way of stimulate the throat chakra.
  • Sound Bowl With Vibration bowl : The sound vibration produced by the hand- crafted blue Tibetan singing bowl set is captivating. From using the sound vibrations for healing the mind to using them for the introspection period. It is suitable for yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and even cherishing tunes for happiness. The My Shape Time blue singing bowl set elicits excellent vibrations with the motive of imparting enlightenment and peace. It is also perfect to gift to someone whom you care for.
  • Singing Bowl For beginners: It is easy to grab the singing bowl and use it feel the vibrations. One hand is used to hold the wooden mallet and the other one holds the Tibetan singing bowl. The wooden mallet is made to run through the edges of the meditation bowl. A wooden hammer is often advised to be used from a slight & tilted outward angle. A speedy rotation would result in high frequency and loud sound, while a slower rotation of the wooden hammer would result in a mild sound.
  • Meditation Gift: My shape time Blue singing bowl is created by the usage of best quality metals, compiled to form an effective focus-generating vibrations source. Hand-painted and made with the finest strokes of design, the Tibetan singing bowl set comes along with an attractive cushion and a subtle but strong wooden mallet with a handcrafted gift box. Its perfect gift for yoga training, gift for yoga teacher, gifts for buddhists, gifts for meditation.

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