Things you do need in the nursery

September 29, 2021


In the happy expectation of a little one? Time to get the baby’s room in order. But… what a jumble of essential and unnecessary anti-hormonal stuff this is. Read here what absolutely belongs in your kid’s room.

1: Crib or cot

Not to be missed, the cot for the little one. Go for a height-adjustable cot or cot. The promise is that you can make progress with this anyway, until your child is two to four years old. 


For the first few months, you can also opt for a crib (for example, one that has been in the family for decades). Ideal for a small nursery or if you want to let your baby sleep in your bedroom for the first time. 

2: Mattress, fitted sheet and sleeping bag

The crib or cot is one. You also need a mattress, bottom and top sheet and sleeping bag. Do not buy a duvet or pillow. This is a no go for children under the age of two  .


The standard mattress size for a crib is 40×80 centimeters. The standard size for a cot is 90×120 centimeters. 


3: Dresser with changing pad

You will use the baby room several times a day to change and dress the baby. You do this on a dresser. Every changing table should meet the requirement that it has a raised edge to prevent the baby from rolling off. 


Place a changing pad on top of the changing table for the comfort of the little one. 


Thumbnail preview Neutral baby room

Metamorphosis: warm cloud of a baby room full of earth tones

4: Chair

At night you will have to believe it: feeding and changing. For the first one, you can make it as nice and easy as possible for yourself by placing a comfortable chair in the baby’s room. 


5: Night light

A night light is not only handy, it also gives your child a safe feeling. This will make it easier for the sprout to fall asleep. In addition, it is recommended to have a dimmable lamp in the room. Very handy if you have to get out in the middle of the night and bright light is not pleasant.


6: Water-based paint

There is a good chance that you want to give the wall(s) of the baby’s room a lick of paint. Very cozy, just make sure you buy a water-based paint. This is because it does not contain turpentine or other chemicals. Good for everyone’s respiratory system.


7: Baby monitor

While you are in the living room with your husband or wife, you can keep an eye on your little one thanks to a baby monitor. With or without a camera. Big Brother is watching you!


8: Wardrobe

Baby clothes, diapers, towels. Create sufficient storage space by bringing a wardrobe into your home. What is also completely hip these days is the (wooden) clothes hanger. Know that in this case it is useful to buy an extra cabinet for the rest of the stuff. 

9: Nappy Bucket

From basic to luxurious buckets for diapers, you can’t imagine whether it exists. You see, an indispensable item for the baby room.


10: Curtains

It’s a fact: babies fall asleep more easily when they’re in a dark room. Therefore, always hang (roller) curtains so that your child can snooze


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