These B2B mobile apps every business should need for more growth

Technology has transformed the business environment. If you run a business, you may have realized that it is not an easy affair. But with new technology, things are becoming easy for you every day.

Do you run a B2B business? You are likely to face many challenges that come from coordination and management among the team members.

You have to attract new customers, deal with finances, and also hire good employees. There are many activities you are expected to check. Close monitoring of those activities enables you to get good results.

Have you faced stress that comes from running a B2B business? You can make your work simpler by the use of b2b mobile apps. In this article, various B2B mobile apps have been explored for you. Go through them and pick the one that suits your business.

Google Analytics app

Would you like to monitor your analytics features to keep track of your business while you are on the go? This is among the best B2B mobile apps you can go for. It allows you to check critical metrics in in-built reports.

With this mobile app, you have access to real-time business data. Information is very useful if you want to grow your business. So, you can get accurate, timely, and reliable data through this b2b mobile app.

If you would like to compare the data you receive, Google analytics mobile app makes it easy for you. You can use it to create your report using any dimension and combination of metrics. The app offers you a chance to save your preferred reports to your dashboard. That makes it easy to access anytime you come back. The app is easy to use and works best.


Are you looking for B2B mobile apps to help your team perform tasks? Asana is the best if you want to manage workflow and team performance. The app allows your team to remain connected to each other as they work on a given project.

 If you are the leader, you can use Asana to assign tasks to the team members through an email account. With Asana, you can create a project with its due date. You can send notifications with ease to relevant teams when using Asana mobile app. Asana is of modern design, faster, and also flexible app.

When it comes to pricing and plans, Asana offers you four-tier services. You can enjoy a free asana package. But if you want the best, there are other plans. The premium service will cost you 13.49 USD every month.

For the business asana version, you will be required to pay 30.49 USD per month—the most advanced version in the enterprise. If you want the best, you can go for this version, but its price is slightly higher. The company offers you a discount for the paid version if you make annual payments.


If you run a B2B business, it is right for you to monitor social media to understand your users’ concerns. HootSuite is among the best B2B mobile apps you can use. You can be all your social media campaigns under one platform with this app.

You can use the HootSuite app to schedule and publish your content to the suitable channels at the appropriate time. It also enables you to track the effectiveness of your content in real-time. Your team can create excellent and engaging posts with ease for every social network.

The app has several plans that enable you to select the one that suits you. You are allowed 30 days to carry out free trials in professional and team plans. That ensures you understand how the app functions before you can make your purchase decision.

Salesforce mobile app

Through Salesforce mobile app, your users can have instant access to customer relations management data using their tablets or phones. It is among the best b2b mobile apps you can download and begin to function out of the box. You are not required to make any setup.

After you customize the Salesforce mobile app, you are free to mold it into an excellent tool to assist your users in doing their work faster. Even when you are on the go, you can use this app to have your job done.

With this app, all the vital information you require is right at your fingertips. You can use it to collaborate with others, and your group will allow you to get files, people, and feeds. Would you want to make a data-based decision? The app enables you to see real-time results, services, and even sales.

You can organize your day using the Salesforce mobile app. It offers you a complete outlook of your meetings. For any urgent post that requires your approval, you can easily go to the notification center and get the messages.


Meetings are very crucial. If you never want to miss any of your meetings, this is among the best B2B mobile apps that can help you remain alert. You can host or attend your meeting right from your mobile. It offers you a good chance you share your videos, files, and messages.


With B2B mobile apps, it is easy for you to manage and coordinate your business. Apps are faster, reliable, and designed in a way to let you have work done even when you are ion the go. Any choice you make from the above apps will indeed offer you excellent service.

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