The Success Story of Quentin Flannery

Quentin Flannery lives in Sydney, Australia. He graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Degree in International Relations and Chinese Language.

Quentin Flannery has been active in the energy and resources industry during his career. Quentin Flannery stays on the front edge of innovation in this field as a Director of many industry-leading businesses through the Flannery holding company.

He directs the marketing and trading system for a slew of cutting-edge resource and energy firms. Quentin Flannery has made a substantial investment in Diatreme Resources.

Diatreme Resources is considered as one of the following extensive possibilities in the high purity silica sand industry. It has taken one step closer to putting its Galalar project in North Queensland into business with this investment. High purity silica sand is often utilized in the production of solar panels. As a result, Diatreme’s success and development are set to change the increasingly widespread adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

Quentin Flannery was named Yancoal’s youngest marketing manager. He was soon appointed to the position of Global Head of Thermal Coal Sales. In such roles, he collaborated extensively with shareholders, clients, and associates from across the world. He was in charge of $1 billion in sales and helped Yancoal establish a foothold in China and across Asia.

The Success Story of Quentin Flannery  

Quentin Flannery’s Career Achievement

Quentin Flannery implemented SAP in the sales team to complement a legacy system. This resulted in substantial improvements in marketing and logistical operations.

He was able to win the first sales contracts with Tier 1 clients in Asia. These include Taipower, TNB, Taiwan Cement, Huaneng, and Joban Electric. He frequently went to the area to engage with new partners and clients and establish a footprint in China.

Quentin supervised the growth of sales in Japan, making offers for over a million tonnes of goods. He contributed to a five-year marketing plan by defining the sales emphasis and enhancing goods across worldwide marketplaces.

He also purchased a substandard Brisbane mine and increased revenues over 75% of Tier 1 clients. He gained market share from rivals by using technical specialists to show the product’s superiority.

Quentin is the manager of Ilwella Pty Ltd in Sydney, where he oversees the investment portfolio. He plans to diversify both the portfolio and the platform. To find fresh possibilities and optimize shareholder value, he employs an entrepreneurial and dynamic attitude.

Roles in Business Industry

Quentin is an Australian Institute of Company Directors member. He serves on the boards of numerous companies, ranging from early time to publicly traded companies.

Quentin is a Manager at Elysian Capital, a new investment company that specializes in weather-based commodities trading. 

He serves on the boards of numerous start-ups and fast-growing companies, including AuMake International, an industry Asian commerce firm, Sunset Power International, an NSW energy provider, Delta Coal, a thermal coal mining company, and Field Orthopaedics, a medical technology start-up.

Quentin is the director of the Flannery Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps Australian organizations make a difference. These organizations mainly assist the most marginalized, such as the homeless and hungry, victims of domestic violence, mistreated children, and the education industry.

Quentin Flannery’s Philanthropy

Quentin is now a Director of numerous family businesses. He is in charge of the investment portfolio’s strategy and trading, emphasizing energy resources trading and investing.

As mentioned, he is a Director of the Flannery Foundation, the family’s charitable branch, contributing to approximately 30 Australian organizations.

He is also a business ambassador for Act for Kids, an Australian organization. Act for Kids works to guarantee that every kid has a childhood free of abuse and neglect.

Quentin says he’s been a long-time supporter of Act for Kids through his family foundation, and when he was approached to become a corporate ambassador, he happily accepted.

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