The Importance of Proper Foot Care

November 13, 2021

How often do you take care of your feet? Foot care is about more than just keeping them clean. While many people do not typically spend as much time caring for their feet as they do care for other parts of their body, developing even a minor issue or irritation with your feet can cause significant discomfort and/or problems. Below are a few reasons why you should be sure to not neglect your feet but, instead take the time to care for them properly.

To Avoid Dry Cracked Feet

Taking adequate care of your feet will go a long way towards helping you avoid having dry feet and subsequently developing skin that is prone to crack. If you already happen to have cracked feet, then our advice is to seek prompt treatment before this condition worsens. These cracks can easily become more deeply embedded into the skin and ultimately lead to bleeding and even a skin infection. It is imperative, therefore, to address and to treat any impending cracks that may appear on the soles of your feet as soon as possible. Following a good foot care routine is a way to be proactive and to avoid having cracks develop at all.

Applying a good balm, lotion, or cracked feet creamideally one that is dermatologically tested or recommended will help to ensure that your soles heal properly from this unsightly and sometimes painful condition. It will also help your feet to feel smooth, renewed, and relieved upon receiving the right treatment.

Typically, this may require that you massage a small amount of an enriched moisturizing cream into your cleansed dry feet until it is fully absorbed. Applying a foot hydrating oil is another great way to restore the moisture content of your skin, thereby preventing further cracks. In addition, exfoliating with a quality pumice stone will help to remove any dead skin which can often contribute to dryness and the development of cracks.

Attain Beautiful Feet

I must confess, in my opinion there is nothing as embarrassing as walking around with flaky dry feet that display a network of fissures. A gentle manual or chemical exfoliation of your soles, however, can help eliminate those cracks and leave your soles feeling significantly more smooth and supple. With soft smooth feet, you can be free to rock whatever style of shoe or sandal strikes your fancy at any time—no need to confine or wear closed shoes all the time.

The process of foot care can be soothing as well. We all can appreciate the benefits of a nice foot massage after a long day at work. A foot soak in the evening can soothe away a lot of the stress that we’ve placed upon our feet during the day. Many would agree that this is a great way to help your feet specifically and your entire body in general to feel relaxed and more energized. Moreover, adding a massage post soak can go a long way towards alleviating any pain or discomfort, while also improving blood circulation to your feet. Foot soaks also tend to make your skin and nails softer which is helpful to ensuring that they fully absorb all the benefits of any moisturizing lotions, balms or cremes applied thereafter. It goes without saying that you should avoid the use of products with harsh chemicals as these could irritate your skin and cause further harm. Instead, this would be the optimal time to apply a high-quality foot oil or a serum that is infused with natural ingredients designed to heal.

Contribute to Overall Health

Not only can dry feet be a cosmetic problem but it something that can also impact your general well-being. Therefore, taking care of your feet is essential for your overall health as well. Truth be told, your feet can often indicate other health issues such as diabetes. Poorly maintained feet can also lead to an array of other serious health.

 As such, practicing proper foot care is essential. To this end, it is best to start with the basics—keeping your feet clean, wearing the right shoes, implementing an exfoliating regimen on a regular basis and moisturizing. When these measures are followed your feet will likely remain smooth and soft, rarely developing any unsightly and potentially dangerous cracks. This alone could help you avoid going down a path fraught with other issues, including deep heel fissures that can become infected and possibly spread to other parts of the body. For diabetics especially, there is the resulting risk of developing a chronic wound that could end up being quite debilitating.

Minimize Odor and Sweaty Feet

The skin around our feet tends to be susceptible to attack by microorganisms. The reason is due to the dark and damp environment often created when we wear closed shoes. This allows bacteria, fungus, and viruses to flourish. Following a routine and effective foot care regimen will help to prevent bacterial buildup and thereby minimize odors and the growth of foot fungi.

With a healthy foot care routine, you can experience beautiful, healthy skin that extends your glow from head to toe. I hope you will agree that there are many wonderful benefits that can result from implementing a conscientious regular foot care routine, using products formulated with clean, herbal-infused high-quality ingredients. 

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