The Historical Background of Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are the most versatile piece of garment worn all over the world. We can even say that jeans have such a global appearance that they could be counted among the factors that unite us in a diverse set of nationalities, races, colours, genders, and so on. Jeans have made themselves a part of almost every wardrobe. They are loved for their comfort, strength, durability, versatility, and availability. Jeans have never failed to stand tall when it comes to fashion trends and fabulous appearances. Designers have always loved experimenting with jeans designs, fits, colours, and washes. All in all, we can clearly agree to the fact that jeans have undeniably established a stronghold over the fashion and garment business.

Jeans have been a part of the human wardrobe for almost 300 years now. During the 1700s, they were made out of wool and cotton. The modern jeans are a prototype of the denim pants that were crafted especially for gold miners and sailors. The idea was to manufacture sturdy pants, made of coarse material that could be easily worn on a day of hard labour. Levi Strauss, a European immigrant in America, came up with the idea of manufacturing these pants out of blue indigo as he happened to have some blue denim on him. The name denim comes from the place Serge de Nimes in France which was famous for the production of denim cotton. The fabric was originally used to make sails. Some sailors then believed that such strong fiber was ideal to make durable pants which they called “genes”, giving jeans its pronunciation. Jacob Davis came up with the idea of rivet

The pants prepared by Levi Strauss did not have rivets. A tailor named Jacob Davis came up with the idea of rivets when a miner complained that the new pants were not equipped to hold heavy tools. This idea was patented by Levi Strauss’s company Levi’s in 1873. Earlier the rivets were attached to the outer surface of the back pockets. However, during the early 20th century, there were complaints about rivets damaging school benches for students and saddles for cowboys. Rivets then began to be placed on the internal surface of the back pockets. Gradually they were completely removed from the back pockets. The chain fly earlier used to be buttoned. It was only in the 1920s that zippers began to be used.

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