The Hidden Risk of Low Quality and Cheap Plasma Cutter in your Industry

When you are working with a plasma cutter, I am sure that the thought of getting burned or electrocuted lingers at the back of your mind. Like any tool or machine used, plasma cutters are as good as the person operating them. Besides taking extra precautions and care when working with plasma cutters, the first line of care and precaution starts with looking for high-quality plasma cutting systems. While operating a plasma cutter, there is this immense excitement of power that up feels. 

Yeah! It feels pretty cool, right? However, as you do that, don’t forget that plasma cutters can be hazardous if they don’t have the qualities it requires. Before buying a plasma cutting system, you need to consider a few factors first. One of them is the application that you want to use with a particular plasma cutter. Plasma cutters come in many types, and failure to choose the right type for the right application may lead to big problems in the future. While some companies are quite precise and open about the kind of plasma cutters they are buying, others are not transparent and genuine enough to explain their offer. 

Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for customers to research first on the best brands and high-quality plasma cutters before making a buying decision. A reputable and professional plasma cutting company will be completely transparent about its offers and prices. If their products are very cheap beyond the ordinary, think twice. It is better to spend a lot of money buying high-quality plasma cutters than to spend time and money in the hospital treating injuries from burns that have come out of burns or electrocution. 

Dangers of Buying Low-Quality Plasma Cutters 

Opting for cheap and low-quality plasma cutting machines is dangerous because you are putting your life at risk. Low-quality plasma cutting devices don’t meet the standards required for operating them in such environments. Most of the cheap plasma cutters have electric cables that are not properly insulated. Their manufacturers use cheap and low-quality raw materials to insulate their cables. Plasma cutting systems use a high voltage supply. Failure to insulate its cables may lead to electrical issues such as shocks and electrocution. 

The way plasma cutters work is that gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, are fired with high pressure through a constricted orifice. The very high pressure involved and the negatively charged electrodes create a superheated gas from the spark produced. The temperature of the gas produced can reach up to 45,000° F. When this comes into contact with body tissue, the injuries will be quite serious and may lead to death depending on the extent of the protrusion. 

A low-quality plasma cutter does not come with an operating manual with properly laid down and defined instructions on using it. This makes it hard for novice and amateur operators to understand how to operate these metal cutting machines. Before buying a plasma cutter, make sure that the equipment comes with a clear operating manual on operating, including proper laid down safety precautions that the operator needs to observe in the working station. 

Cheap and low-quality plasma cutting devices can pose a great risk to workers with effects that they produce in the working environment. If the voltage switches are not properly labeled, the operator may use the wrong voltage while working on a workpiece. This may cause strains in the power supply and may end up causing irreversible damage. That said, let’s now look at the physical injuries that a low-quality plasma cutter can cause. 

Like any other machine that runs on electricity, plasma cutters also pose electrocution and shock risks. If you are not concerned about the quality of the plasma cutter, you may end up picking cheap plasma cutters with cables that can’t support the voltage supply. When this happens, the weak cables may melt the insulators that guard the live wires against being exposed. If the wiring in the workshop was not properly installed in worse-case scenarios, it might lead to a fire that may gut down the workshop. 


Plasma cutting systems are quite helpful; at home or workplaces. However, if they are of poor quality, they may end up causing more harm than good. When you intend to buy plasma cutting systems, ensure you do proper research about its brand and its products. Failure to do so may lead to injuries, low-quality finishes, equipment damage, and even death due to electrocution. 





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