The Future Of Automobile Industry: Electric Cars

Technology is taking giant leaps year after year, and the automobile industry is certainly keeping pace with it. When one can see advancements in almost every field today, how can the same not happen with your vehicles? With the concern for deteriorating environment and rise in global warming, the automobile sector is shifting towards electric vehicles (EVs). However, it’s still not that easy for people to make this shift. Any new technology that comes our way takes time to sift in. If we see the market today, EVs have hardly occupied the automotive market in the United States. That means it will take many more years for the people to accept this new evolution in technology.

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss electric cars and see if they are a good choice for you. Car manufacturers are trying hard to ease off the ways for you so that the gap can be reduced and the acceptance becomes easy for the customers. However, there are various reasons why people still stay away from these vehicles. One of the major reasons for staying away from these vehicles is the lack of range. However, over the years, car manufacturers have developed a good range of these cars. In addition, you can now find plug-in vehicles in the electric range. This is a massive add-on in toe with the vehicles powered by gas. Let’s look at some other reasons why people baulk at buying electric cars and what they are losing by not buying these vehicles.

Why electric vehicles are still a fry cry for people, and what they are missing?

Slow Charging Of Vehicles

It’s a fact that when you go to the gas station, you need to wait for a few minutes, and you’re done. However, that’s not the case with electric vehicles. They take hours in charging. But times are changing, and the time taken to charge your vehicle is decreasing. Moreover, if you have a domestic electric car charger at home, you can plug in your car before sleeping and take it off in the morning. You can also find points of charging on some common routes on which people mostly travel. The best part about these vehicles is that they can run for hundreds of miles even if charged for just fifteen to twenty minutes.

Expensive To Buy

Since there go years of science and engineering in making these vehicles, it’s a well-known fact that these vehicles are expensive to buy. This is specifically when you compare them with vehicles running on gas. However, think in the long term. Imagine the money you’d be saving by turning to electricity rather than filling the gas. Charging your car with electricity is way cheaper than paying for the fuel. Moreover, electric cars are low-maintenance vehicles. Ideally, they hardly have any fluids to change. That means your service cost reduces considerably. Moreover, you can always think of buying a second-hand vehicle

Threat Of Fire

The study says that only a handful of electric vehicles have caught fire so far. But that has happened with gas vehicles as well. Electric vehicles use the same battery as the one used in laptops and cell phones. It’s lithium-ion as you’re alert with gas vehicles, the same needs to be shown with electric vehicles.

Few Charging Stations

This was a fact that electric car charging points were sparse till a few years back. But, times have changed, and companies are taking extra efforts in having charging stations for you at the workplace. So, even if you’re going on a longer route, you can look for the charging stations beforehand.

Performance Below Par

This was many years back when these vehicles had just entered the market. It’s not the case now. Today, you can find EV range in sports cars and SUVs too. Most importantly, the torque has improved impressively. Moreover, you can find such vehicles at a lower price than gas vehicles.

Electric vehicles are sure to stay. So if you’re planning to buy a new vehicle, try EV this time.

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