The Correct Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Even if yoga isn’t commonly thought of as an athletic activity, some styles are more physically demanding than others.


Yoga can also aid in the development of muscle tone and the improvement of your metabolism. Even though restorative yoga is not a very physically demanding type of yoga, it also aids in weight loss. Restorative yoga was shown to be successful in helping overweight people lose weight, particularly abdominal fat, in one report.


To lose some weight, practice yoga as much as possible. Try some live yoga classes or watch yoga videos online to help you. At least three or five days a week, for at least one hour, you will do a more productive, intensive practice. On the other days, take a more calming, gentle class to round out your workout. Yoga courses such as Hatha, yin, and restorative are excellent choices.


Begin gently and steadily increase the exercise if you’re a beginner. This encourages you to increase your power and endurance while still reducing your risk of injury. If you don’t have time for a complete lesson on those days, perform at least 20 minutes of self-practice. Per week, offer yourself a complete day of relaxation. For additional beneficial effects, combine the yoga practice with short exercises like biking, riding, or swimming.


Prevent weighing yourself right after a yoga class, particularly if it’s a hot yoga class because you could drop water weight throughout the class. Instead, measure yourself every day at the same moment.


9 Yoga Poses To Help You Lose Weight


Boat pose

This yoga pose is a full-body workout that strengthens your heart and tones your muscles. It helps to build muscle and boost metabolism. As a result, it burns several calories and aids in weight reduction.


To perform this pose, sit upright with your legs expanded then bend your knees. Raise your foot off the floor such that your shins are parallel to the ground. Keep the position for about 30 seconds by extending the hands perpendicular to the board. So let go and do it five more times.

‍Upward plank

For a novice, this is a difficult concept to break, but it pays off handsomely in terms of weight reduction. If you want rock-hard abs, start in an upward plank position. It’s one of the most successful yoga positions for losing weight. Sit with the legs straight and spread out in front of you.


Hold your hands behind your hips with your fingers pointed at your foot to do this pose. Prepare to steadily rise to keep your foot straight and pointed, and drawing your head back as you do so. This can seem difficult at first because it is the polar opposite of our push-up posture. However, practice makes a man fine and fit.

Warrior pose

As if you were a knight, you tore yourself apart with the warrior stance. Stand on your feet close and your back straight. Stretch your legs back and forth, and bend the front leg’s knees while keeping the other leg parallel to the surface.


Lift your hands above your head and keep the pose for as long as possible. Never overstress yourself to the point of discomfort. Then swap sides to do it again as if.



The supreme Triangle pose is a powerful yoga pose that can help with a variety of ailments.  However, it does not lead specifically to weight loss. It improves metabolism and thereby decreases fat deposits in the stomach, making it the perfect yoga to lose belly fat. It also contains muscles that help you lose the weight that you were born with.


Stand upright holding your hands above and widen your legs horizontally to achieve this posture. Stretch yourself out and place your hand on the same foot as before. Even if it were a triangle. Together with the eyes, the upper hand must be parallel and facing the ceiling. Maintain the posture for about 5-6 seconds. Return to the beginning and replicate on the other line.


Sun Salutation

Suryanamaskara is the name of a common yoga pose for reducing belly fat. There are about 12 breathing poses that tone the whole body. This yoga pose is often combined with a variety of other poses. 


Make a direct line from your thighs to your feet. Inhale deeply and lift your arms over your head. As you lean over, exhale. Through hopping the foot back into the plank role, you will return to it. Maintain this position for around 5 full seconds before dropping your knees and placing your whole body on the mat. Extend your legs while keeping your hands under your shoulders, then inhale halfway to get into the cobra pose. Exhale and lower yourself into a downward dog pose. Take a deep breath and lift your palms over your head. When you exhale, take a deep breath and relax.


The Cobra Pose

This pose is also known as Bhujangasana, and it represents that of a serpent. Weight loss in the upper torso and abdominal muscles is helpful. This is not a good place for pregnant women to be in.


Lie flat on the mat with your hands on either side and your foot on the carpet. Move the floor with both hands to ensure that the fingertips are just below the shoulder muscles. Gradually pull the shoulders partially backward. Move upward through your belly button to your jaw, concentrating on your abs. Raise your upper torso, leaving your head up and your knees, knees, and feet firmly down on the ground.


Downward Facing Dog Pose

It’s a weight-loss yoga that works. To do this position, lie down on the floor with your belly on the mat. Slowly lift your body into a small mountain pose on your limps, then hold it for a few seconds to feel the pain in your stomach. Reverse the loop and return to your old role.


Chair Pose

The chair posture is exactly what it sounds like: a pose that makes you appear to be sitting in a chair. To perform this pose, stand tall with your legs crossed and arms straight up over your head. Around the same moment, bend your legs. There shouldn’t be that much, but you should be able to see your foot while gazing down. Sit in this spot for 30 seconds. Repeat after taking a deep breath. The chair stance places strain on the legs and muscles, which aids weight loss.


Seated Forward Bend Pose

From your feet to your elbows, this challenging stance stretches your whole back. It also aids in stress management, helping you to control stress eating and shed pounds.


Sit tall on the mat with the legs straight. Lift your arms above your head and your arms extended out on the sides. Deeply inhale and straighten your spine. Exhale when bending down and attempting to touch your toes with your fingers. Each inhales will lengthen your back and each exhale will deepen your forward bend. You’ll be a pro until you can hold your foot fully bending forward.



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