The Bodybuilder’s Guide to Mixing Awesome Music

March 8, 2022

For a beginner, it’s very intimidating.

If you don’t know how to do any of the exercises, you randomly hop from one machine to the other.

By doing this, you hope that you’re doing the exercises right and that you’ll “get fit soon.”

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Big mistake. Without a dedicated workout plan and knowing what you’re doing, you’ll just end up pushing and pulling at the machines with no result.

A newbie trying every exercise machine, hoping to get fit?

To be honest, that sounds an awful lot like a beginner’s music mixing.

The Bodybuilder’s Music Mixing

My body is no temple, but I like to keep it in shape. When I go to the gym, I stick to a plan and don’t use any of those stupid machines.

Mostly with barbells, I do three things:

  1. Squats
  2. Dead lifts
  3. Bench presses

With a few extra arms, shoulder, and back exercises thrown in for variety, that’s what I do every week.

I don’t touch any of the machines because they simply don’t work as well as those three core exercises.

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Similarly, you don’t need to use every fancy plug-in you got to make your mix sound good.

Sometimes all you need is a good balance, EQ, and compression. With a hint of delay and reverb thrown in, that’s what makes most mixes amazingly.

Scale back your mixing and find what really works. Learn to use the most effective processors well and your mixes will get better immediately.

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No Rest for the Rookie

If you like working out, you can go overboard with ambition. Going 5 – 7 times a week might seem dedicated to you, but it’s actually counterproductive to your body.

Your muscles need rest. They need time to grow. If you keep pummeling them in the gym, they won’t get any rest and they’ll grow much slower.

If you’re an ambitious mixer, then you might have the same problem. You mix for hours on end without giving your ears any breaks.

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It’s just as counterproductive as pummeling your muscles. Your ears will get tired whether you like it or not.

That’s when you start making mistakes. With fatigued ears, you won’t hear the little nuances of your mix. You’ll often make bad decisions and make great tracks sound worse.

Give your ears a rest when you’re mixing. They need it just as much as your muscles.

A Plan with the Biggest Return

The only way to improve your body is to have a plan. If you don’t document your workouts, your muscles won’t get bigger. You won’t remember how much you did last time and your body won’t improve as fast. Sure, you’ll get in shape if you just go regularly and push yourself, but having a plan means that you’re always pushing forward.

Starting a mix without a plan and randomly moving knobs around is the least effective way to mix. By having a plan of action, you’ll have a better idea of where your mix is going. Don’t jump around the mix like a crazy person.

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Start with the drums, then move on to the bass, or make the vocal shine. Move on from there. Know where your mix is going, and have a plan to get there. It’s much more efficient and effective.

Tips To Help You Select Shoes That Match Your Wedding Dress

Selecting shoes to go with your wedding dress can be a tricky affair that needs a lot of consideration. This is vital because bridal shoes can ruin your wedding day. First of all, the shoe has to be well-fitting, suitable, and in a perfect match with your wedding dress; it should be sufficiently comfortable on your feet during the entire wedding ceremony, including the photo session and other official procedures.

There are some guidelines that can help you choose suitable shoes to match your wedding dress.

Settle on the material of the shoe
generally, many brides choose satin, crepe, and raw silk since most wedding dresses are often made of these fabrics. However, if you want to make a departure from the traditional fabrics and make your general collection unique, you can choose a different material.

Pick a wedding shoe color to match with the wedding dress
It may be necessary for you to bring a fabric sample with you to ensure identical colors. In most cases, brides use dyes on their wedding shoes so as to accurately match them. Besides, you can also opt for a shade that is different from your wedding dress but which is in harmony with your overall ensembles such as gold or silver. In addition, you can also choose to embellish your shoes with adornments like beads, pearls, rhinestones, and sequins so as to complement your overall appearance.

Select shoes that fit you well
Looks are not as important as comfort and it can be embarrassing for you to kick off your shoes before the ceremony is over because you feel uncomfortable in them. You should only choose high-heeled shoes if you are used to wearing them. Otherwise, buy them long before your wedding day in order for your feet to get used to them if you badly want to wear them.

The style of your shoes should go with the occasion and dress
when choosing your wedding shoes; you need to consider the procedure of the wedding, your dress style, and the season. For instance, it would be wise for you to put on an open-toe, satin, off-white slipper to match with a satin, open-back, off-the-shoulder outfit in summer. On the contrary, putting on plain raw silk closed shoes would make them a better complement for your traditional raw silk full-skirt attire during winter. In informal weddings, putting on casually as in ballet slippers or decorated sandals can be a wise choice.

It is good to choose wedding shoes that suit your ceremony and are appropriate for your venues
High-heeled shoes are definitely not a better choice for stone walkways and beaches. It is therefore important that before picking your selection first consider the places you are likely to tour during your wedding celebration.

Opt for what makes both of you look charming
if you happen to be taller than your man, or shorter, then take the advantage and determine the type of shoes that will even up things for both of you. However, it is also good to note that high-heeled shoes have their own shortcoming as they make your legs look slender and toned and in the event make you seem taller than you really are. Hence, if you like a specific look let your wedding shoes help you accomplish it.

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