The 7 advantages of a box bed

September 22, 2021

When choosing the best bed for your bedroom, the main aspect that you will probably take into account is comfort, but when deciding on the best model, the space available in the room is also important for the decision.

 The box bed has these advantages and has already become the most beloved model in the decoration of rooms and suites throughout United State and, better said, around the world. Modern and practical, it has a safer structure and makes the environment lighter.

And why did they become a trend? We have selected 7 of the main advantages for you to surrender to this excellent bed option for your room:

 1 – It takes up less space, because it doesn’t have that wooden or steel structure that will receive your mattress, and with the tendency of properties with smaller and smaller sizes, they serve the solution well;

 2 – And the structure of a box bed is much lighter and safer;

 3 – Carries a cleaner look and can even be covered with fabric of your choice to match your decor;

 4 – Their size is standard and by size, that is, single, double, queen or king size are standard sizes and so you can enjoy the same mattress, if you want to change your traditional bed for a box;

 5 – It has the option of being made like a trunk, and it’s a great choice to keep some things that until then would occupy a place in your closet, such as bedding, comforters, quilts and even that suitcase you don’t know where save.

 6 – It costs less, and nowadays the economy is very important;

 7- It gives you the option of versatility and personalization in the decoration, since you can attach your headboard with the expected look of your room’s decoration.

 Are you interested in the advantages of the bed a box and want decor suggestions for your room with the headboards? Consult the professionals at Coley Home and have your dream room!



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