The 5 Essentials of a Perfect Portfolio with Examples

Getting your voice heard loud, especially in the competitive market, is like dodging a bullet. Today, we have empowered customers, and winning over their trust is not as easy as we think after perusing some blog posts. Unless you got something special, the client won’t turn to you. This is a common scenario in all industries including web portal development in India. Since a lot of people have chosen the web designing industry as a profession, freelance developers can be found at every nook & corner of the digital world.

On an honest note, finding the right web developer is like a dropkick maneuver- seems easy to perform but takes years to master. Distinguishing from other web developers is daunting yet essential to sustain in the industry. To keep up the distinguishable identity, a catchy portfolio is essential for web developers, and crafting such a portfolio isn’t a tough job. It just requires some creativity, professionalism, and appropriate details. Listed below are the steps that would help in conceiving a flawless web designer’s portfolio.


  1. A Concrete Hard Foundation

Every portfolio has some basic key requirements. Whether you’re a backend developer or web designer, it is essential to provide a basic overview of who you are, what you do, how long you’ve been into this realm, what expertise you have, the qualifications, and accomplishments like projects. In the simplest slang, your portfolio is a condensed resume for self-marketing. With apt details and information, the genuineness of your portfolio will be highlighted.


  1. The Skill Set Showoff

Show off the skills you got because it is the only way to accumulate projects. Clients will go through several portfolios but will choose the one that fulfills their requirements. Simply by writing a quirky phrase ending with “I Code” will not fetch any benefit. A portfolio is a synonym of professionalism and hence, it is a must to tell prowess in the code language. Do not be afraid to use a bit of technical jargon.


  1. Bragging A Bit

When you’re skilled, showing it off isn’t considered as arrogance. In the world of web portal development in India, bragging about prowess in code language, along with projects accomplished, can brew a win-win situation for an individual web developer. It is true that a client will always give preference to a web developer who has some projects mentioned in the portfolio along with some details. By linking some projects, even one, the psychological impression of the authenticity of your work will be etched on the client’s mind.


  1. Context of Projects

To make the portfolio standout, adding the context of projects should not be untouched. Resonating with a client and providing the right details like what was done on the project and how it was done needs to be mentioned. Mention every detail for accomplishing the project, the additional add-ons, rework etc. Make sure that source code or its sample is visible to the public on your portfolio. This would help your prospect clients to understand how neat your code is. Some key points are listed below that should be highlighted:

  • A brief description of the project & its requirements
  • For whom the project was (personal/client)
  • When was the project done


  1. “I’ve Been Awarded…”

What else can be the best way to win the trust of a client! You do not just have to tell the best about yourself, but highlight awards & achievements in the portfolio. Whether you were awarded at a zonal level or state level, it doesn’t matter; it is an achievement for you and should be highlighted in the portfolio. Even if you’ve written prominent blogs or authored a book, add it for glorifying the portfolio.


Some Laudable Portfolio Examples

Everyone needs inspiration. So, we’ve compiled a list of some upper crust names whose portfolio designs will surely inspire you.


  1. Com

Do you know what happens when a female brain and programming walk hand-in-hand? They reach the peak of personalization without excluding portfolio web design trends. Denise is regarded as one of the smartest web designers with a solid grip on programming. This magic allows her to develop the most badass looking websites. Take a look at her portfolio and you’ll get to know the stocked ideas.


  1. Com

Web designers know the art of playing with the images and colors to make a portfolio laudable. Hannah Purmort’s portfolio speaks for her excellence. By visiting her website, you’ll realize one thing that being a wordsmith isn’t essential to convey strong messages. Using strong images and color schemes can breathe life into the portfolio.


  1. Com

This guy is a gem in the field of web designing. We were awestruck after seeing his web portfolio. With the balanced approach of animations and graphics, his website provides satisfaction to the user visiting it. Daniel uses some plug-ins to protect the website from slacking-off and that’s a plus point to get inspired by the right person in the right way.


  1. Com

If you love special UI designs and animations and want to make the portfolio look special then better seek help for your website design at FindMatthew.Com. A digital warrior, this guy eats, breathes, and poops creativity. His portfolio is all about making the best use of a single-page portfolio with minimalistic design and gradient colors.



Honestly, you got to experiment to sustain in the competitive world of web designing & development. Undoubtedly, it is quite daunting to conceive the right portfolio but when there’re inspiration and guidance, it does become a cakewalk. Developing the right portfolio is like organizing the right set of equipment for the task. With apt details, prowess & skills, accomplishment, and more should be included in the portfolio to make it more professional. Instead of following the clueless hacks, implementing the above-listed tips would bear the fruit for you. These tips have been shared by experts in the industry that guarantee to conceive an outstanding portfolio.   






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