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If you’re a bettor and for the past few days you’ve been struggling to win from your stakes, maybe it’s time to consider following the sports pick forum. It’s one of those social sports platforms for punters, offering community-free sports picksThat’s for every matchup and also recorded rankings for all handicappers. Most handicappers release their best-picks 10 minutes after the start of a game.


Join the forum

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you will find it more fun to join your fellow sports fans who meet in a sports forum to discuss the free sports picks and other sports happenings. And this is how you can participate in this platform:


And if you’re a fan of NFL football, you can do your handicapping and provide your pro picks from the National Football League.


College football is one of the most loved sports in the community, and if you support them, you make your NCAA picks against the spread. Then you can share regional tips and other information necessary for this, which is shared across continents. If you’re an NBA basketball sports enthusiast, you can share your picks and analysis of this sport with others who will appreciate them.  


Finding the right forum

How do you go by finding the ideal forum for you? Asking around your friends what they use and checking reviews to see what other people think. Sports pick forum is a platform that helps you save your time while boosting your betting earnings.


Overall, money leaders in the Sports pick forum

Cecil Cohen

Cohen resides in Boston and has been breaking down the hardwood odds for sports fans for over 20 years. He says that to beat the basketball odds, one requires accuracy, which requires handicapping one exclusive sport. As he specializes in basketball, he has a unique ability to spot any loose basketball lines, which comes from his passion for NBA and NCAA. After the release of the odds, Cohen can immediately see the open strings, and if you want a winner, you can follow him for hardwood free sports picks this season.


Tim McCoy

Tim has been a member of the sports pick’s forum for 11 years. He started as an assistant handicapper to a lead NBA and NCAAB handicapper. His goal is to work with experts to provide the best bets and results in each season for NBA fans.


Free sports picks forum

When you go to SPF, you will find free sports picks and opinions posted by our forum community. Our handicappers provide picks for NBA, NFL, NHL, and college football and basketball. You can review these forum community picks and then click through to the team matchups to make your predictions. Let’s look at today’s top picks:


Cleveland against New Orleans 

On Thursday, the Miami heat enjoyed a fast start holding a 108-97 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rookie Nunn got 23 points and eight assists while shooting 10 of 16 from the floor after he went for 21 of 60 in his last five games. Miami is holding a record of 8-3, and they won six of their eight games.


Unfortunately, the New Orleans lost after being ahead in a game such that they were considered favorites. Although their form is not that great, we may be able to see them give a good fight. Watch out for them in the first quarter, as they keep a close result.

We think that Cleveland may win this match against New Orleans with +8 points. Our bet is on these guys, so we hope they’ll make us happy at the end of the game. 


Denver against Memphis

Here’s what went down on Thursday night, Denver’s star Nikola Jokic, named as NBA all-star twice, had 18 points and ten rebounds. Paul Mishap, also from Denver, scored 18 points, nine rebounds, and the Brooklyn Nets 101-93. Jerami Grant put 12 points off the bench, while Will Barton had 17 points. It’s a performance that overcame a slow first half to win a sixth of their six games. Nuggets trailed at halftime in eight of their games out of 11 they had and are now at 6-2.


And tonight, the Grizzlies get yet another rotation player on the injury list. Grayson Allen had sat out from the last four games due to a concussion protocol. But as he returns, Jenkins finds himself in a unique situation. Will he start in the lineup and rotation? Taylor Jenkins, the Grizzlies head coach, will probably lean on Allen in the starting line. Jenkins will ease Allen back into the game tonight. These two free sports picks are unmissable. 


In conclusion, you get plenty of sports information by joining the SPF forum. You can take a look at the free sports picks playing tonight, including Denver vs. Memphis and Philadelphia vs. Washington, and more. If you’re a fanatic sports bettor, you can contribute what you think will go down. Experienced handicappers such as Tim McCoy and Cecil Cohen are passionate about providing accurate results and the best bets to win your stake.

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