Spartan Skid Steer Brush Cutter Cutting Tips

May 25, 2022

Spartan Equipment Skid Steer Brush Cutters are the toughest in the industry. Available in a variety of brush cutting widths, their heavy brush cutters for skid steers make quick work of even the toughest brush.

Here are some tips for success when cutting ground-level vegetation.

1. Inspect the work area before operation. Mark any hazards such as stumps, rocks, steel posts, or other objects that will impede or damage the cutter or create a hazard. Never assume a work area is safe; always inspect beforehand.

2. Operate the brush cutter at a safe, slow speed, ensuring you are operating the skid steer’s engine at the proper RPM to deliver the oil flow required for the attachment. NEVER OPERATE the cutter if you can see the cutter blade. If you can see the blade, the cutter is raised too high and at risk of throwing debris back at the operator (you).

3. For clearing ground-level brush, raise the rear deck of the brush cutter slightly, about 4” above ground level. The deck of the cutter should slope downward very slightly, away from the operator.

4. For clearing above-ground vegetation, tilt the front of the brush cutter deck a foot or two above ground level. Do not raise the rear of the deck. Proceed into the vegetation slowly and use the hydraulic tilt to bend the vegetation. As the cutter blade cuts the vegetation, lower the deck to mulch the material. (NOTE: Do NOT use the attachment to push or pull material without the cutter being used.)

5. For vertical cutting, raise the skid steer loader arm to the vertical position; swing the boom to the right so you can access the area you intend to cut. Raise or lower the skid steer’s lift to trim branches as needed.

6. If the cutter blade speed slows noticeably, reduce your forward progress until the blade resumes proper operating speed. A slow blade may cause material underneath the cutter to ball which will reduce cutting efficiency. Never proceed into a material you want to cut unless the brush cutter blade is at the proper operating speed.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance
Spartan Equipment Skid Steer Brush Cutters Never Surrender, but even the toughest equipment performs at its peak when properly cared for. Skid steer attachments are the same way.

Observing these best practices for care and maintenance will help protect your investment in skid steer attachments like your Spartan Equipment brush cutter.

● Always inspect all fasteners before you and ensure that they are present, in place, and tightened. Replace any missing fasteners before attempting to operate the brush cutter. Replace any missing or worn decals.

● Before every use, inspect equipment for oil leaks and repair before attempting to operate.

● Always inspect the condition of the cutter blades before use. Dull blades impact cutter performance and should be sharpened or replaced. To inspect the blades, raise the cutter attachment, tilt it forward to 90°, and lower it to the ground. USE CAUTION when inspecting cutter blades as they can be very sharp.

● Periodically inspect the hydraulic plumbing for leaks. NEVER attempt to inspect a leak with your hand or any body part. Always use a piece of cardboard or wood.

● After use, store your skid steer and brush cutter in a covered location, sheltered from the elements.

● Each season, sand and repaint any worn areas on your skid steer brush cutter. This will help protect the cutter against corrosion.

For Further Information
For more information on your Spartan Equipment Skid Steer Brush Cutter, consult their Professional Brush Cutter Owner’s Manual or visit their website at, where you can learn more about this and their other attachments for skid steers.

You can also contact their customer service team directly for more information at 1-888-888-1085.


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