Shopping Guide – Find the Best Camping String Lights

November 23, 2021

As you will see, when you decide to purchase an assortment of string lights, there are numerous options to think about. You should think about what you’d like to use the lights for.

The lights featured in this article belong to one of these categories. Here, I’ll go into the details of what you can expect from certain of these features.



You might have noticed the term “lumens” in this post. The brightness is measured by lumens. This is an excellent method to ensure you pick lights that have the brightness you like, or one that is extremely bright or a smaller amount of intensity.


To give you an example, I use headlamps with between 300 and 350 lumens. Because all of the light is directed only in one direction, it is quite intense. I can clearly see every aspect of the trail ahead of me, and easily cook dinner or read without eye strain. If someone is looking in the direction of the light it can cause damage to their eyes.


Be aware that this light, when scattered in different directions, results in a less dramatic effect. String lights typically don’t focus the light in one direction and therefore provide less light , but over larger areas.



 I’d consider low brightness to mean anything with less than or equal to 100 lumens. This includes those MPOWERD Luci String Lights. With 100 lumens you will be able to navigate around your campsite but it’s not possible to make use of these lights for more precise tasks. This is an excellent amount of light for lighting for mood!


Medium In accordance with your tolerance in light intensity, a moderate light range could be anything between 200 and 500 lumens. This is ideal to create an atmosphere but still allowing fully functional lighting for cooking as well as playing card games. Here you will get Camping String Lights. 


A lot of light sources I’ve mentioned fit into this category for example, those from the Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope and the BioLite SiteLight XL.



 You’ll need over 600 lumens if you want to get a good view of detail across a vast area. A light like The Brightech Ambience Pro which has around 1000 lumens is considered to be a bright light.


Fortunately, they’re distributed over 24 feet, meaning they are able to adequately light an area without becoming too bright!



This feature is quite easy and simple. The length you prefer for your string lighting will be determined by factors like dimensions of space that you would like to illuminate and the amount of detail you would like to embellish it.


Less long lengths are perfect for smaller spaces such as picnic tables or tents however longer lengths are more suitable to place between trees or around trailers.


Power Source

It is crucial to take into consideration when selecting string lights. Certain kinds of lights require additional devices to power them. should you decide to go that route you must ensure that you own the gadget or purchase one prior to your camping excursion.


Pros and cons for every type or power supply, and you should make sure you read carefully to find the right one for you!



Most string lights are powered by AAAs or AAs, which are readily available at gas stations, or even hardware stores. The most important thing to bear in mind while using batteries is that you should have extra batteries in case they expire. If you don’t own additional batteries there will be no lighting!


USB Port

USB ports will require additional devices to charge them. A generator or any other battery pack you can utilize to recharge your smartphone can do the trick. Be sure to bring enough power or fuel to last the duration of your journey!


Solar Powered

Solar is amazing! It’s environmentally friendly. It’s also free of having to worry about additional things like batteries or other power devices.


However, make sure you check the weather forecast for your travels! If it’s cloudy, your lights will not be able to charge throughout the day, and you might want to go to use a different source of power.


Fortunately, something similar is available, such as the MPOWERD Luci String Lights, that run on solar power, and come with a USB port to help you get through cloudy days!


Corded Electric

The power source here is your standard wall outlet. These are fantastic since you don’t have to worry about batteries going out, and they’re often extremely bright.


But, they’re somewhat harder to utilize during camping as it’s difficult to locate an outlet at an outdoor camping site. They can also be powered by a generator that operates using gasoline.



Like the camping tent, your string lights need to be durable enough to stand up to the conditions that you’re camping in.


The IP rating is a way to identify this. A weatherproof rating generally includes two numbers. The first number will tell you how well the item stands against solid particles like dirt or dust. It is evaluated using a scale of 0 to 6.


The second number will tell you how the object performs against rain and water. It is evaluated using a scale of 0-9. If there’s an X next to any number, it indicates that there isn’t a rating for the particular condition.


I generally choose lighting that has an IP score of at least IP44. This means they will remain functioning even in mild weather.






Do you have to keep lighting fixtures on all night?

Although technically you can do it, I would not suggest it due to a variety of reasons. You’re limited in resources when camping, and you don’t want the generator’s batteries or fuel.


They can also cause disturbance to campers (or you!) who wish to take in an evening sky that is dark and starry. Additionally, the lights can attract critters and bugs to your campsite!


If you plan to keep your lights on throughout the night long, battery-powered LED lights are the best method to go.


Do string lights cause fire?

It is highly unlikely, lights from string can result in an explosion. A device that is not properly wired could pose a fire risk and you should purchase high-quality string lights to stop this!


It is also possible to start a fire by putting string lights that generate large amounts of heat around an object that is flammable such as dry trees. Luckily, the majority of string lights come with batteries that don’t produce as much heat , and significantly reduce the risk of sparks.


The lights should be turned off before you go to bed, or for a couple of minutes to allow them to cool down in the event that they become very hot is a great idea!


How long of camping do the string lights last?

This is dependent on the lights and the power source. If the lights you have installed require the use of a battery pack or generator that lasts the time it takes to exhaust the fuel source. Lights that use batteries have a stricter time frame based on the batteries.


The light’s brightness and the amount of bulbs the string has are both elements that determine the amount of time they’ll last. The more luminosity your string has the higher the battery power it’ll draw and the longer it’ll last.


In my experiences with various string lights used for camping I’ve had many uses from them over numerous camping trips without needing to replace the batteries.


Final Thoughts

The process of purchasing string lights is quite easy when compared with buying other kinds of camping equipment.


A bad choice of set will not ruin your camping experience however, picking the right set could ruin it.


This is the reason I suggest this Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope. It’s a string light that is of high-end quality and I like how it can also function as a lantern! String lights typically aren’t costly however, if you’re trying to cut costs you should take a look at the ZUTOG Battery operated string lights.


There’s no way to get a better camping set of lights. So, have fun looking for one that you like. Now is the time to think outside the box!


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