Seven Reasons to Try an Escape Room Experience

October 12, 2021

Escape rooms are taking the market across the world by fire, spreading at enormous rates both offline and virtually. What comes to your mind when you hear of Escape Rooms? Something like a small room where you are locked? Or a horror setting like being trapped in a creepy haunted house? Instead, it is one of the most immersive experiences that come in various themes and storylines, from mystery-solving to escaping a jail, to saving the world from aliens, and so on. Yes, you are locked but not literally; you can come out of the room any time but might not want to, as the immersive nature of the escape rooms keeps your mind away from the outside world for that hour.

People are coming together to appreciate breakout puzzles’ wild and creative side with their friends and family. Many of them return for re-indulging in various challenges to have fun and celebrate on weekends and holidays. These rooms are safe and house new ways to forget the real-world normality and dive into a thrilling escapade.

Here are seven reasons why you also should try an escape room experience:

1.      Different and Exciting

Escape Rooms give you a chance to leave virtual reality behind at home as they are much more than just playing games online with a group. There are many themes and concepts you can explore through your escape room adventure while being able to play as the very protagonist or an important person themselves, be it a tomb raider, a popular detective, or a notorious pirate. There are limitless possibilities and unique features open for you to choose from.


2.      A workout for the brain

Since Escape rooms are all about brainstorming for clues to solve the riddles and voyaging through the unknowns, it is good for your mental health development and recharging. They provide refreshment and a break from the mundane routine, thereby helping the boost of serotonin and dopamine in your brain and keeping the blues away. 


3.      Good stress buster

An important aspect of Escape rooms is the cooperation and understanding between your team members. Everyone’s participation increases harmony amongst you and your peers and acts as an adrenaline level enhancer. Working and tagging along in such a cheerful environment naturally becomes a stress buster zone and uplifts your emotional energy stats.


4.      An enthusing experience

It is often the human tendency to preserve the memories as treasures above any material possessions. Spending quality time with your peers and friends becomes a core moment, a golden experience to relish. And escape rooms are helping people create such fond memoirs in an action-packed 60 minutes. You take back not only some of the best game experiences with you but also tender celebrations of happiness shared with your group.


5.      Active participation

It allows you to establish cooperation among your people. You can also grasp the operating ability of different members of your team. While working on a collective project in real life, building the very group to solve an escape room can give you an insight into the working abilities of your coworkers. This helps ease conversation boundaries and vague discomfort. It can even pave the way for developing understanding and an ambition to work for a common goal in your future.


6.      Ideal set up for celebrations

Escape rooms are bubbling joint for planning innovative premised parties and dates. They’re away from your usual hassle of the daily techs and require minimum effort for being in action. You can fetch time to explore new interests and passions on anniversary dates with your significant other. It is also a haven for developing a deeper bond with your close ones on holidays and festivities.


7.      The surprise moments

In escape rooms, one gets to discover their creativity while exploring the quirky riddles and challenges. And once you finally decode your clues and find something akin to a key or the breakout answer, the feeling of accomplishment is incomparable. You will never realize when you might go aha and end up with a strong sentiment of victory. Such achievements, though small, add drops into the ocean of your self-love and pride that helps you to grow and be content.



Seattle Escape rooms are the perfect place to make your boring weekend eventful. It’s an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can find time to bond with others. Open to a large age range, the great ambiance for the themes and engaging puzzles makes it well-liked by many people. You can always maneuver out of your usual lifestyle, racing in between work and rest, and break into these rooms to have a great time. You may win or lose, but what counts is the wonder you take back from that one-hour game of breaking out with your friends and peers. And no matter how many times you participate, each setting will be equally amazing and fulfilling to you. So gear up, just search for escape rooms available around you and get ready to embrace the adventure awaiting you ahead!

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