Sending CBD Oils in Ecommerce Packaging? Discover 4 Inspiring Ideas

September 15, 2021


CBD Oil’s Secondary Packaging Creates a Major Impact on Customers

The quality & appeal of your CBD oil’s secondary packaging i.e. the mailer boxes is decisive in determining the success of cannabis brand online. In a fierce market competition, for an online cannabis store to survive & thrive, it must distinguish itself through branding and designing that shows uniqueness and high-end quality of their CBD oils. Their packaging design should be centered around providing exceptional customer experience. A cannabis oil business can provide more value to its customers this way.

To succeed, competitively priced high-quality cannabis oils via a smooth online shopping experience go hand in hand with efforts to provide a seamless unboxing experience to customers upon delivery. And this is achieved when unique design & branding of your CBD oil mailers is consistent both online and offline. Only then, you CBD brand leaves a long-lasting impression on customers. Branding aimed towards retaining customers for long ultimately leads to exponential growth of CBD oil business. Extraordinary packaging that creates outstanding impressions will keep customers thinking and talking about your brand for longer.

Use five following suggestions as inspiration for creative packaging ideas that can help your brand connect with customers on another level.

1- Modernly Design Mailer Packaging from the Inside

Well-designed interior of your cannabis oil packaging helps you to literally slice up the competition.

By printing catchy patterns on the inside of your custom boxes for CBD oil, you’re instantly demonstrate uniqueness and style. This indirectly gets customers to perceive your CBD oil business as a ‘brand’ in the proper sense. Do this by including either your brand’s logo or a crafty pattern that transitions from the packaging’s outside.

This creates a more memorable impression on customers’ minds and they’ll subconsciously want to buy again, and again for the novelty they experience. You can also add inspirational quotes, imaginative taglines, product relevant information in beautiful typography, or even a sentence or two telling how you care for the environment and ensure sustainable packaging practices.

 2- Use an Original Package Shape

Leverage original packaging design and texture to fascinate customers you send CBD oils to. Something as simple as a distinct custom CBD oil packaging that open in a different way, such as a luxurious sleeve style, can make your cannabis brand seem novel. This aspect not only immediately grabs the customers’ attention in a fascination way, buy also sets the tone of your brand for a seamless experience.


3- Use of High-Quality Images

High-quality image printing techniques are now accessible at very affordable prices. Cannabis businesses, especially CBD oil sellers also leverage benefits of high quality imagery to boost brand credibility and worth. Many companies feature a single, sharp image showing off different flavors of their CBD oils on the mailer packaging’s front over a clean minimalist backdrop in soft-tone tints to make graceful focal point.

This successful practice does great at teasing customers with a clear image the type of CBD oil they’ll find inside upon receiving. It works wonders in aesthetically uplifting appeal of your CBD oils in an ocean of similar product packaging giving no clue of what’s inside.


4- Sealing Tape that Has Your Branding

When packaging on a budget as a small startup, it just takes a small investment to add a custom branded sealing tape with logo on the outside of your CBD oil mailer boxes. By doing so, packaging costs per package stays low and your CBD oil does well at branding. This subtle change uniquely elevates your CBD oil brand and creates strong brand identity among ecommerce customers in an impressionable way. You can also do that with custom sealable mailer boxes and have their inside sealing printed with logo or tagline to provide customers a more personalized unboxing experience.


Most CBD oil businesses ignore the simple fact that their oil’s packaging is actually a big element in creating customer experience. If making innovative tweaks to your ecommerce packaging’s branding adds that awe inspiring feel – then you must go for such a competitive edge. Either be ahead or get left behind!





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