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Scholarships to study in The United States of America

Are you planning to study in the USA? After the United Kingdom, the USA is the top chosen destination. Under Trump’s administration, the number of Indian students choosing to stay and study in the USA got weakened due to the tight immigration process and visa policies Also, several foreign students chose the UK, Canada and Australia for study abroad. As per the survey, there was a decline in the percentage of foreign, especially Indian students planning to stay and stay in the USA. But it’s not the same anymore. Biden’s victory will be very beneficial for all the international students who are planning to study and stay in the USA. Co-Founder of study abroad portal College Dekho, Joe Biden will be reversing many of the policies introduced under Trump’s administration and studying in the USA will be one of them. The main objective of Biden is to increase the rate of Indian students studying in the USA and make the USA one of the biggest student markets and the best destinations with an endless number of job opportunities for national and international students.

However, the USA is an expensive country. Being the most expensive country, students generally drop the idea of studying in the USA even if they are eligible, and their academic scores are excellent. But now you can fulfil your dream of studying in the USA as the government of the USA and many universities grants scholarships to all the national and international students who are planning to study in the USA. This article will mainly focus on the Top Chosen US government-funded scholarship, which is very beneficial for every Indian student who is planning to study in the US.

Humphrey Fellowship Program

Aiming to cover all the expenses including- Air Travel, Tuition Fees, Books, Pre- Academic English Language Training, living expenses, Field Trips, Conferences, Medical Coverage and One-time Student Housing expenses of all the eligible international students, Humphrey Fellowship is awarded to all the professionals with leadership qualities. Over 150 scholarships are awarded by the Government of the USA under the Humphrey Fellowship programme. To apply for this program, you need to clear the eligibility criteria mentioned below-

•Should be a national citizen of 130 counties participating in this program

•Undergraduate Degree

•Must have work experience of 5 years. Part-time work is not considered

•Must clear English language proficiency test

•Must have a proof of voluntary work such as public or community service

Type of Scholarship-Merit Based

Duration- 1 Year

Last date to Apply – 1st July 2021

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

One of the globally recognized scholarships awarded by the Government of the US to all the international young professionals who are planning to study in the US. The scholarship aims to reward every eligible international student belonging to various fields except medicine and covers all the expenses including travel, living, living and tuition fees & health insurance. Every year, over 800 grants are awarded under the Fulbright Program. Highlighting some of the top Fulbright scholarships awarded to Indian students

•Fulbright Nehru Fellowship

•Fulbright Kalam Climate Fellowship

•Fulbright Scholar-in- Residence Program

•Fulbright Teaching Excellence & Achievement

•Fulbright Scholar in Residence Program

Talking about eligibility, the requirements will vary with every student’s country but certain documents are mandatory for every student to have which are as follows

•Transcripts (Official)

•Application Papers


•GRE/ TOEFL Scores

Type of Scholarship-Merit Based

Duration- 1 Year or More

Last date to Apply – Varies with every country

With the possibility of Biden’s Pledge of reversing the policies related to immigration and student visa policies introduced by Trump, now you can choose the best programme as per your eligibility and choice and fulfill your dream of studying in the USA. For knowing further about study in the US and scholarships available to study in the US, do contact Admissify Today. Our experts will guide you throughout. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information related to an affordable place to study Abroad or visit for more information and get connected with us today.





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