Review Dell Latitude E6530 Notebook

October 26, 2021

Dell’s Latitude series stands in high-end standards and is targeted at the same segment like Lenovo’s ThinkPad T-series and HP’s Elite Books. Professional notebooks, specifically made for business use have also found a lot of admirers among the more demanding home users. The quality, warranty duration and upgrades of dell latitude e6530 price in india are some of the major factors that often make these notebooks from similar products on the market.


The price of the “luxury” is viewed by many as being too high. The cheapest price starting point that we saw on Dell’s web shop is 800 euros (~$1085). This includes VAT, obviously. It’s easy to see that the hardware you receive for the price is quite low: Intel Core 3110M, WXGA display, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 320 GB of hard drive. dell precision tower 5810 workstation price in india is available as an operating system. However, Windows 7 dominates the options list, and is the preferred choice of numerous firms. Therefore, the Latitude E6530 notebook is not cheap when as compared to other notebooks with entry-level pricing available. The laptop we tested comes with a Full-HD display and an Intel Core i5-3360M CPU, 4GB of RAM along with a WWAN device as well as a 500GB hard drive. It is currently Dell sells this model at 1120 euros (~$1514) without VAT. That’s around 1340 euros (~$1812) before tax.


The chassis of Dell Latitude E6530 has changed only a little from the original Latitude E6520. Dell’s Tri-metal chassis is impressive with its stability and strength, as well as the absence of flaws. It is able to handle the typical weak points over the optical drive as well as the battery slot as well as the rest of your palm. There’s a reason why it has passed the standard of MIL-STD-810G, a U.S. Standard for Military. However, the toughness of the notebook is at the cost of its hefty weight. With 2.86 grams (6.3 pounds) the Latitude E6530 is in line with other notebooks in the same category, however when you add a few accessories, it’s close to the amount one is willing to carry around throughout the day.


The quality of the workmanship is excellent with no gaps, fit components and perfectly polished surfaces. The only drawback is the slight tilting of the display that the hinges can’t completely stop. The lid is secured in its closed position using the traditional double hooks. The surface is durable and leave a lasting impression. The silver-gray casing looks conservative and gives a pleasing appearance in the workplace. This could be the reason the keyboard’s orange frame was removed from the new version.


There have been significant modifications to the interface options. Four-pin FireWire port was completely eliminated. Instead, we now have two contemporary USB 3.0 ports that are conveniently separated on the two edges of our notebook. Dell hasn’t stopped equipping their Latitudes for business with an HDMI port. We expected to see a DisplayPort rather than an HDMI port, since it can support significantly higher resolutions for external display. In addition, the majority devices are situated as far back as is possible. Therefore, there are no restrictions due to the cables connected to the peripherals. The reader for the card is situated in the front, and easily accessible. Other ports and expansions can be made possible through an Express Card/34/54 slot.


Dell Latitude E6530 comes fully-equipped and comes with everything you need. The entry-level model is even equipped complete with the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 wireless module. It has three antennas , and can utilize both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidths of wireless. Our test revealed above the average strength of signal. In all models in the Latitudes E6530 series, you’ll also get an Gigabit Ethernet port. The model we tested has an HD webcam, Bluetooth 4.0 and a WWAN module The three options are charged separately and are not included in specific models.


The Dell Latitude E6530 has a variety of security options. The Trusted Platform module as well as Intel Anti Theft/Computrace as well as a Smart Card reader and fingerprint scanner BIOS password option, and typical Windows password protection ought to suffice to meet the majority of security requirements effectively.


Dell’s Latitude E6530 is sold without any additional accessories. There are a variety of MultiBay extensions to the docking station, optical drives, and additional batteries are offered as options.


The lower cover is separated by taking off a few screws, allowing access to the major components. However, it isn’t so simple and quick with other models. In order to replace RAM modules, one has to remove the entire cover. There aren’t separate panels. After removing the maintenance cover the fan can be cleaned and accessed should it be necessary. One RAM slot is available which allows upgrades. Hard drive can be found an independent module secured with two screws. In this case, the removal of the lower plate isn’t necessary. It is a modular device that can be used interchangeably with other drives, or with the MultiBay battery.


Input Devices


The keyboard on Dell Latitude E6530 is able to take almost the entire length of notebook. It has 19 millimeter (0.74 millimeters) keys. The number pad is separate along with extended arrow keys as well as the large Enter and Space keys allow an easy familiarization. The moderate travel of the keys with good tactile feedback as well as the quiet strokes will delight the most aspiring writers. The base of the keyboard is solid throughout and exhibits small wobbles within the region of the Arrow keys.


The model we tested had the English QWERTY layout. The caption on the key is extremely contrasty and amplified by the built-in backlighting. The brightness can be increased by four steps. Additional options are available in Dell’s Keyboard Backlight settings. Backlighting on the keyboard isn’t an option on Dell’s Latitude E6530. It’s available at a price of 33 Euros , excl. VAT (~$45). The symbols that are special like display brightness increase or decrease, are painted in orange, making them clearly distinguished from typical captions.

Point stick or Touchpad

The Alps touchpad is a functional space of 80 x 45 millimeters (3.15 1.77 inches) 1.77 inches) which is enough for its purposes. There are some multi-touch gestures that might require a little more room. The gliding characteristics and the tactile responsiveness of the touchscreen are extremely good and not a reason to be criticized. Multi-touch functions of the usual are also supported and are activated and deactivated in a separate manner and also. Mouse keys can be rubberized and feature a smooth stroke. Dell provides a range of choices in Control Panel. Control Panel.


Like you would expect from a notebook designed for business it comes with a point stick. Point stick can be used in place of the touchscreen. For those who are new to the concept, this method of input will require some adjustment to, but it allows for rapid and precise cursor movement. The three buttons perform very quietly and register clicks with ease. They can also be assigned special functions or completely disabled while using the touchscreen.


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