Repair Motherboard of iPhone 7

November 20, 2021

We are going to discuss some of the most common problems with the iPhone 7 and try to repair the motherboard.

Common Problems on iPhone 7

We are going to discuss some of the most common problems in the iPhone 7. Before we lose our mobile, let’s try to repair the motherboard. In addition to the most typical repair, which is the screen change, there are other common problems in the iPhone 7 that appear over time. They are hardware problems that are annoying since they do not allow us to use our iPhone normally.

Fix Charging Problems on iPhone 7

As usual, since the iPhone 5, the same problem is reproduced in all models. Charging failures after a period of use. They usually occur after several months of using the phone. The most common is solved by changing the charging flex since from the use itself they deteriorate and are damaged without charging the phone. But there is also another more complex problem to fix related to charging IC. Consulting the motherboard diagrams and electronic schematics of the iPhone 7 is an integrated circuit manufactured by NXP, exactly the NXP 610a3b.

Repair Wet iPhone 7

Even though the iPhone 7 is advertised as waterproof with an IP67 certification, it is likely to be damaged by moisture, especially once the phone has been opened for another repair such as a battery change or screen change. After opening it, it will lose its tightness and liquids may leak inside.

If this happens, the best thing you can do is turn off the mobile and NOT charge or turn it on. As far as possible, disconnect the battery to avoid any current passing through the motherboard. And DO NOT try to turn it on or put it on charge.

Do not let a long time pass to avoid corrosion and go to our professionals.

Solutions to iTunes Errors

Likewise, with the passage of time, failures often occur when updating or restoring our devices. Many can be solved and there are others that cannot. Error -1, error 9, error 14, error 4005, error 4013, error 50… are the most common. They can be caused by the phone being hit and internal components damaged.

We must check what error it is and look for the hardware component with which it is related. In this way, we can try to repair the motherboard of the iPhone 7.

Fix iPhone 7 No Service

It is common to recognize this failure after the iPhone has suffered a sharp blow. Everything can continue to work well except the coverage, unstable or without getting coverage and displaying the message “no service” or “searching” on the screen. These are problems related to the radio frequency (RF) module. Once again, we will search the diagrams of the iPhone 7 for the radio frequency block and we will search the motherboard for the damaged component to proceed with its repair.

Change Connector FPC, BTB iPhone 7

Although it is due to manipulation, another of the failures that we repair the most is the replacement of the FPC connectors of the screen flex, cameras, power button or charging flex. They are damaged by pressing more than necessary without having centered the flex connector and the board connector. They are damaged and to be able to re-connect the flex we must proceed to repair the connector on the motherboard.

Repair Backlight or Backlight iPhone 7

The problems backlight or backlight in Castilian remain common. The image is visible but the backlight disappears, making it very difficult to see what appears on the screen. If we use the phone under strong light, we will be able to decipher what appears on the screen, but it is best to repair the backlight to be able to see the screen well.

If you have any questions, you can request that we call you or know the budget to repair your iPhone and Samsung unlocking in Brampton.

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