Recreate your old jewelry to the new one

You will never lack old jewelry that you are so much attached to. It can be you don’t even wear it, but you never want to lose it. Why don’t you create new jewelry from that old? You can repurpose jewelry and have something new and unique without losing the sentimental value that the old gem possessed.


Did you inherit an heirloom that has gone out of style and taste? Or maybe, it’s jewelry you bought long ago, and it does no longer fit you? Could you take the next step and redesign it? If you repurpose jewelry, it will have your unique style and personality.

You can always use various ways to repurpose jewelry and have something you love. Redesigning it to suit the current trend may be the right way if you seek to create an heirloom for generations to come. 


Ways to repurpose jewelry


  1. Bejeweled topiary art

 If you have old jewelry pieces, you can change them into beautiful artwork and display them throughout your home. It’s a fantastic idea to repurpose jewelry. If you inherited it and wish to keep the vale it has for the family, you can make topiaries from your old jewelry.


  1. Bedazzled belt

Want to repurpose jewelry and get something beautiful that retains your attachment to that old jewelry but turned something new? Use your jewelry and dress your belt. Take your strap and dress up its buckle you’re your necklaces and other jewelry. That way, you will have made more fabulous.


  1. Jewelry converted into bookmarks.

 If you love books, bookmarks will be the best idea to repurpose jewelry into. Take your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and change them into beautiful bookmarks that are perfect to offer even as gifts. By adding a jeweled piece to a strip of a specific ribbon, you will have a gorgeous bookmark. You can be sure to love it that way.


  1. Jeweled Christmas tree

This is another great idea to redesign your jewelry. While it may be an intricate project to repurpose jewelry into, it’s worth your time. Just get that old jewelry and create something beautiful from them.


  1. Old jewelry into a lampshade

  In case you want to repurpose jewelry and no idea of what you should redesign into, a jewelry lampshade will not disappoint. That way, you can add a romantic feel to your lovely bedroom. Collect any jewelry you have at hand, and it will just work correctly. You may add pearls to have a fantastic and romantic look.



Something you can’t avoid is that attachment that comes from jewelry. But at times, it may be out of style, or you may outgrow it such that it doesn’t fit you any longer. You don’t have to keep it in a drawer. You can repurpose jewelry and get something useful from it. That way, it can help you to retain its original sentimental value. You can use the above methods to redesign your jewelry and get unique items.


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