RecordCast: Record Screen And Edit Videos Without Installing Programs

RecordCast is a free web utility with which you can easily record the screen without having to install programs or applications for this task.


Not only this, but you can also edit the recorded videos directly in this web tool in a comfortable and simple way.


Without a doubt, an excellent tool for productivity and creativity that can be useful in the business or educational field.


The advantage that RecordCast offers, in addition to working from the web without having to install programs, is that it fulfills this dual function of video recorder and editor.


So you will not have to use two tools, one to record and the other to edit the videos, since here you will find everything you need.


How does the web tool work?

First of all, you can use RecordCast to record your screen, very useful for creating guides, tutorials, or video presentations.


This first process, recording the screen, does not require you to register on the site. In the event that you want to edit the recorded videos, it will be necessary to create an account or register on the page.


Video editing is optional, you can access the editor immediately after downloading the video you have recorded.


Main features of the tool

  • Record high-quality videos for free, without watermarks or payments.
  • Start online recordings with a simple click, you do not have to download or install applications.
  • Flexible recording: you can record the entire screen, an application window, or a browser tab.
  • You can make recordings with or without audio.
  • Built-in video editor to enhance your recordings with titles, effects, annotations, etc.


Try this free tool now

RecordCast is a free web utility for screen recording and video editing without the need to install programs or applications.


If you think this tool can be useful for you, visit the RecordCast website to record the screen and edit the videos.

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