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November 26, 2021

Online reputation management might seem like a mammoth and mind-boggling term to some, so let’s first understand what online reputation management is.

Online reputation management alludes to scrupulously influencing, controlling and concealing an individual brand’s reputation in the virtual realm. It was previously a public relations term but with the enormous growth of the internet and social media, that has subsumed almost all the domains of our work life, online reputation management too is one such pertinent domain that has mushroomed at full throttle. Online reputation management is considered as the most cardinal and rather indispensable sceptre that businesses must carefully maintain and exercise in order to hold a dynamic online presence in the limitless virtual realm.

Online reputation management is also abbreviated as ORM, and it basically emphasizes on the on the careful management of a product and/or other service search website results in the eclectic digital domain. A host of varied online electronic markets and other similar communities such as the Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba and e-Bay have an excellent and a powerful ORM in place, and this is thus the only golden key by virtue of which these varied online giants have expanded their operations. 

Online reputation management (ORM) basically refers to taking over the heavy reigns and the entire charge of your brand’s virtual presence as the digital sphere is a humongous, albeit a thriving mercenary place in today’s era. 

Well now that we understand how crucial online reputation management is for businesses, so let us quickly throw some light upon few of the best strategies for online reputation management.

1. Perform a meticulous audit of your brand’s online reputation

You must invest some time in brand monitoring and conduct an extensive, in-depth audit to gauge your brand’s online reputation. 

2. Establish a well detailed online reputation management strategy

You must have a well planned and a detailed online reputation management strategy in place. Carefully set up your online reputation management goals and in addition to this, you must also have a robust crisis management strategy in place. 

3. Ensure to assiduously monitor each of your online review. 

Keep a tab on your online reviews, and monitor all such reviews to a tee in order to maintain a puissant online reputation of your brand.

4. Work hard to show up your brand on SERPs

Carefully optimize your social media channels and your brand’s website with some great SEO magic in order to have a higher ranking in the search results.

5. Encourage positive reviews, albeit learn to respond and deal with negative reviews.

Have a meticulous strategy to boost positive reviews and to smartly tackle the negative reviews.

Rannkly, a wonderful social media tool can help you do so.

6. Create the most compelling and intriguing content.

You need to brand your business in order to have a robust online reputation management, and compelling content is the key to having a solid ORM.

7.  Smartly choose your online influencers 

Influencer marketing is a cardinal part of online reputation management strategy, and so you must make sure to carefully narrow down on your online influencers. 

And well if you do follow all these above elucidated seven strategies, you would sure have a great online reputation management strategy in place.

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