Pros and Cons of using a Combi-Boiler

October 9, 2021

A combination boiler acts in the form of central heating device and dual hot water. As this type of boiler draws water directly from the mains, there is no need for hot or cold-water cylinder and storage tank. This blogpost discusses about the pros and cons of using a combi-boiler and know whether it is suitable to meet your requirements.


  • Compact in size – The combi-boilers are extremely small than that of a conventional boiler. You do not have to store hot water like the conventional ones. Also, they can lessen the requirement of a large hot water cylinder which can be found in the cupboards. Besides, combi-boilers need smaller space in the kitchen or upstairs.
  • Extremely efficient – These boilers are almost 90% efficient and heating your house is an affordable option with them than conventional boilers.
  • Quick access to central heating or hot water – You do not have to wait for heating the water as combi-boilers will heat water s per the demand. They are extremely convenient when many people need to use the same bathroom. As hot water is available for your demand, there isn’t any risk of water running out unlike a conventional boiler.
  • Save your valuable money – Since the water can be heated in smaller quantities, you will be able to save money than the traditional boilers that can heat huge quantities of water. The conventional boilers have to heat up the cylinder full of water but the combi-boilers consist of small carbon-footprint.


  • Struggle to fulfil higher water demand – A combi-boiler finds it really hard to meet high demand of water. For example, when three people are turning on water taps in different rooms at a time, then the pressure of water will significantly lessen. This happens as a combi-boiler does not possess the advantage of having back-up water tank for satisfying this demand, So, the large properties where many people stay will choose a traditional boiler with a water tank.
  • Complicated set up on the whole – These boilers need complicated electronic devices and chips for proper operation. When things do not go as expected, repairing a combi-boiler will be very costly in comparison to the traditional ones. Also, they require more time to fix completely and this increases the labor costs as the boiler engineers usually work on hourly rate basis.
  • Slower water supply – This kind of boiler will need more time when compared to a traditional one for filling a bath.
  • You lose central heating and hot water when boiler breaks down – A combi-boiler generally power hot water and central heating system. So, when you combine together the malfunctions of a boiler, you will not be able to access central heating or hot water. But the traditional boilers power central heating only and there is a separate boiler for hot water. Also, you will possibly suffer central heating or hot water during different timings.

Thus, you may contact specialists who offer services like boiler repair in London and do necessary works with your boiler. This will ensure the boiler system works efficiently and you can get hot water when needed.

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