December 16, 2021

There are different jobs available in all kinds of industries. Your job role and productivity at the workplace depend upon so many aspects. One of the primary aspects is whether your job is permanent or temporary. Some people prefer permanent jobs and some temporary jobs. It depends upon a person’s choice.

If you have a business then you must have some knowledge of recruitment and if you don’t then it is ok.

This article will entirely throw light on the pros and cons of temporary and permanent jobs which will be quite helpful for you to decide whether you should recruit a temporary or permanent worker.


  • Since there is no long-term commitment to temporary jobs, a candidate is free to showcase his best set of skills.
  • The temporary candidate is assigned for different job roles and this can allow the Candidate to choose the best one suited for him.
  • Temporary employees are the best solution for bulk work, unexpected demand, shortage of employees, and risk-taking projects.
  • Temporary jobs will help the company to determine whether the candidate is capable enough to work for the long term or only good for short-term projects.
  • Temporary jobs employees are quite adaptable to the new work environment and ethics.
  • Temporary jobs help control your finances while you search for a permanent position.
  • Temporary jobs are the best back plan for people searching for permanent jobs.
  • With temporary jobs, a candidate will learn new skills and polish his old ones. These jobs are best for the development period of a candidate.


  • No matter how experienced you are, you can’t trust a new employee for your work. You need to provide proper guidance and training to get your job done.
  • Temporary employees might be working for others or working on different things so there is no guarantee that they will devote their entire energy and time to your project.
  • You will have to pay more to temporary employees as they are not receiving any kind of health benefits or any other kind of funds.
  •  You have to keep their morale high as they already know that they are not at your service for a long time.
  • They will not always fulfill your expectations and you will have to compromise with that because they are not familiar with your work culture and office environment. They may take some time to adjust.


  • A permanent job employee will always work hard for a new level of growth and promotion at the workplace.
  • A permanent employee is more fluid with their colleagues and will be fully aware of the office environment. With the help of this, he will always contribute for the benefit of the project or the company he is working for.
  • The main benefit of having a permanent job is having job security and stability. Permanent jobs come with several additional benefits like health, coverage of food expenses, and funding for trips. Permanent employees are more complacent with their job titles.
  • Permanent employees are less stressed about their future than temporary employees. They do not have to wander here and there in search of another job to pay their bills. There is a great sense of satisfaction in their heart.


  • The professional permanent recruitment services process is costly and time-consuming.
  • Finding a permanent employee for your workforce can be very time-consuming and tiring. From selection to interviews the entire process is too long and hectic. Hiring and firing employees will cost you additional paperwork.
  • Recruitment for permanent posts is a very big responsibility which has to be done properly.
  • There is a lack of flexibility in permanent jobs. You will not be able to work from home and will get only counted holidays.
  • A permanent job role may make you feel tired and bored due to the same job role. You will have to do the same thing every day and humans tend to get tired by repetition.
  • Repetition of work will not help you with learning new skills which will be beneficial for future job roles. You may not like to have the same job title in the future and for that, you will have to upskill yourself.


Both types of job titles have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The choice is open for all the individuals out there. You choose the one that suits you the best. You just need to keep yourself updated and learn new skills that are needed for the job you are looking for. Remember at the end of the day having any kind of job is better than having none. Always be grateful that at least you have a job to pay your bills and be proud that you are a responsible individual who understands the main motive of life and doing enough for your survival and depending on anyone else.

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