Prime Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

June 23, 2022

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  

-Coco Chanel

No matter what they say, first impressions truly matter! We’re living in a time when our visual indicators are mightier than our words; where the world judges us faster than we speak. In such a scenario, it’s important to blend in as well as stand out from the flock. Keeping this in mind, it’s only befitting that we arm ourselves with fashion which is an instant language of communication. And while everyone is busy following trends, we should be grabbing opportunities to steal the limelight with our head-turning style!

To be the cynosure of all eyes (certainly not in an unusual way), the preliminary thing you need to do is know yourself. Delve into your inner self and evaluate your likes, dislikes, and comfort zones. Identify the era of fashion that appeals to you the most, the colors that suit your vibe, and so on. Remember, it’s all about bringing out the inner you! So, even if it takes a while to figure it out, trust us, it’s worth it!

Now, while you introspect yourself, we would like to offer you some highly effective tips that when coupled with your taste will take your fashion game to a new level!

Dress to impress

Gone are the days when men dressed sloppily or uncomfortably. The present is all about dressing your best, notwithstanding comfort. So, bring out the quirky side in you and dress distinctively. You can wear shirts with interesting patterns. For instance, opt for a button-down collar or tartan or paisley patterns for casual meet-ups and a starched collar or gingham patterns for formal occasions. For trousers, shake things up by choosing one from these materials – corduroy, denim, flannel or tweed. Or simply drop the hackneyed idea of wearing a pair of pants; kill them with kilts!

Make the most of your accessories

No matter what you wear, accessories have the power to make or break things. Three essential accessories that level up your game are a premium quality watch, a micro-adjustable belt, and glasses. To add a dash of elegance, you can opt for gold or diamond studs. Colorful pocket scarves, a pair of cufflinks, sunglasses, and also hats and scarves are more than enough to add that extra flair to your outfit.

Smell good

Apart from the visual indicators, the olfactory judgment also takes place. So, even if you’re nearing the end of your day and have an important meeting to attend, smelling good is of utmost importance! Also, you don’t want to mess up your date, right? Hence, choose a fragrance that’s neither too strong nor too subtle.

Pay attention to your footwear

While we minutely scrutinize our clothes and try filling the wardrobe with the latest trends, we often tend to be a little miser when it comes to shoes. As a result, we land up wearing the same old ones every time!

Studies have proved time and again, that what you wear on your feet is potentially the first element that people observe when they meet you. A premium quality Lethato Shoes has that phenomenal power, the addition of which can elevate the entire aesthetic appeal of your outfit! So, it’s of sheer necessity that you invest in some of the staple ones (and not go on splurging your hard-earned money).

Tips to up your shoe game 

Here again, we would like to offer you some great styling tips to get your shoe game right.

  •  Invest in quality material to set yourself apart

The most important thing that we often tend to miss out on is investing in premium quality shoes. In the times when shoes as cheap as $70 are ubiquitous, one might go for two or three cheaper shoes than investing in the ones which have a considerably steeper price tag. But they will hardly last a year. On the other hand, good-quality shoes will far outlive the cheaper ones and will be in mint condition even after years.

  • Don’t go all matchy-matchy!

Often, we make the mistake of matching everything from top to bottom. You surely don’t want to be the monotonous guy in the corner! So, you should avoid matching your shoes with clothes. Break the monotony instead! You can do that with accessories like a contrasting belt that matches your shoes. Keep in mind to not pair a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa or you’ll end up being the element of ridicule! However, if this gets too confusing, you can always stick to neutral colors like black, tan brown, and white which are easier to style.

  • Socks are the main deal!

Another trick to standing out is to pair the right kind of socks with your footwear. Often, people wear socks of contrasting colors which are a complete mismatch with the shoes. Not to mention, it looks really funny! So, to maintain a nice bridge between your shoes and pants, wear socks of the same color. For instance, wear loafer socks with loafers and ankle-length socks with sneakers. And in cases where wearing the socks won’t make a difference, simply skip them!

  • Opt for shoes slightly larger in size

With seasonal changes, the feet tend to swell up due to excessive sweating or due to sitting at our desks for a prolonged time. As a result, you might get blisters or bad foot odor if the feet aren’t able to breathe. So, to avoid such circumstances, it is always recommended to choose half a size bigger than the usual. 

  • Get your shoes customized

It is believed that men’s shoes send out an open message to the crowd. So if shoes could bring out your personality, won’t that be great? With the new process of customization in the market, you can bring that quirk quotient to your shoes. For instance, you can get the initials of your name engraved, add some embroidered accessories, and so on. And if you’re running out of ideas, look up the wide array of styles available online and get them tailored by a good shoemaker. Another win-win factor of customization is – you get to choose your desired material. 

Style considerations

Choosing the right fabric according to the occasion is a must! So, if you have to attend a formal event, look out for these options:

For a formal event 

  • Dark brown or black brogues

  • Brown loafers

  • Black Oxfords

  • Derbys

  • Monk Strap shoes

  • Whole cuts

  • Cap toe bals

  • Longwings

  • Wingtips

  • Plain toe bluchers

And for a casual look

  • White low top and colorful trainers

  • Tan Oxfords

  • Sneakers

  • Chelsea boots

  • Lace-up boots

  • Suede Chukkas

  • Light brown brogues

  • Penny loafer

  • Sandals

  • Flip flops

To wrap it up

Portraying a unique look among a sea of common trends is an art, one that everyone can’t master. But when doing so, you have to stay on top of what looks good on you and what doesn’t, or else you can risk becoming a laughing stock. It’s a thin line, and thus, you need to be smart when you make your choices.

We hope our tips above help you choose the best styles and accessories and complement them well to complete your look. Remember to pay appropriate attention to each element of your ensemble, and you can surely strike the winning balance!

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