Peyronie’s Disease: What Does It Mean For Your Sex Life?

September 23, 2021

A number of problems can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Some of these are sexual problems in their own right, and others can be a range of other physical or mental issues that can give rise to ED. It is a generic belief that if you suffer from a sexual dysfunction, ED can be a very common side effect of that. 


For example, Pyronie’s disease has the capacity to cause erectile dysfunction in men by virtue of how it affects the penis. ED drugs like Cenforce 150 can be of help here. 

What Is Peyronie’s Disease? 


When plaques (scar tissue) grow under the skin of the penis, causing it to bend, this is known as Peyronie’s disease. Pain and impact on sexual dysfunction are common side effects of this problem. This can compromise personal relationships and mental health. 


The caused ED can be treated by taking pills like Cenforce 150. There are pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies available, and it has no negative effects. Peyronie’s disease is a non-cancerous condition that has no impact on fertility.


Understanding how Peyronie’s disease affects your sex life and relationship will help you prevent the disease in future. If infected, medication options are available to help you. Cenforce 150 can be used if this condition leads to ED, which is sometimes seen as a common side effect of this problem. 

What Exactly Happens If You Have Peyronie’s Disease?


If you have this condition, your penis may bend up, down, or to the side during an erection depending on which part of your penis the scar is situated. Some individuals with this issue don’t have a curve at all, but instead have a kind of hourglass shape. 


It is important to note here that most men’s erections aren’t completely straight. It doesn’t indicate you have Peyronie’s disease just because your penis has a slight curvature. In fact, after getting erect most men have a slightly curved penis, and that is completely natural. 


Peyronie’s illness does not affect men who have been born with a curvature. When the penis used to be straight during arousal, but later becomes curved, the scar usually forms on the top of it, forcing it to curve upwards. If the scar is on the base, your penis will bend down. 


If the scar is on the side, it will bend diagonally. In normal cases of slightly curved penises, they do not curve in all these ways. Please do not take ED pills like Cenforce 150 to reduce the curvature in your penis without consulting a doctor first. 

Does Peyronie’s Disease Affect Ejaculation And Urination As Well? 


The most important thing to know about this condition is that it is extremely painful. When the penis is flaccid, it does not show much effect but leads to a very painful erection. If your penis is curved less, then it will not be as painful, but the more curved it is- the more painful it will be. 


The penis in men is used for urination and ejaculation. The urethra which transmits urine from the urinary bladder and into the penis and the two corpora cavernosa which fill with blood to keep the penis erect, are the three tubes that make up the penis. 


The blood rushing to your penis during sexual activity makes it upright, rigid and firm. After climax, the sperm leaves through the urethra. The form and size of the penis are affected by Peyronie’s disease, but not urination or ejaculation.


This means to say that you can still ejaculate with this condition, without taking pills like Cenforce 150, but it will not be easy. However, the function in itself will not stop completely. 

What Is The Link Between ED And Peyronie’s Disease? 


People with Peyronie’s disease are more likely to have sexual dysfunction. Studies have shown that approximately 60% of individuals with Peyronie’s disease experienced erectile dysfunction. This is opposed to 46% of men without the illness. The link between Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction could be due to a number of factors. The scars can make it extremely difficult for some men to get an erection.


If the fibers or arteries of the penis have been destroyed by inflammation or injury to the penis, as is the case with Peyronie’s disease, erections can be difficult. If this happens, then Cenforce 150 can be used to treat the ED. 


Anxiety and depression are common symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. Because these feelings can lead to issues with mental arousal, the symptoms often converge. Furthermore, discomfort (especially during the active period of Peyronie’s disease) may lead to erectile dysfunction in some patients with the condition.

How Can Peyronie’s Disease Affect Someone’s Sex Life? 


As we have explained, this condition can amply lead to a lot of problems with one’s sex life because it can easily lead to erectile dysfucntion. That In itself can be a very destabilising factor. Even without that, this condition can cause many problems for men, and some of them can be: 


  • Painful intercourse– It not only causes discomfort to those who suffer from it, but it can also make sex painful for their companions. Reports suggest that during sexual penetration, nearly half of the surveyed sexual partners of individuals with the illness suffered at least substantial soreness. In some situations, individuals were unable to engage in sex that they enjoyed prior to the onset of Peyronie’s disease. Cenforce 150 cannot help here.


  • Cause penis to shrink in size– this certainly sounds scary, and it happens with this condition. Although medicines and treatments can certainly restore the penis to its original size, this can be very disturbing for an individual to go through. 


  • Number of mental health issues– anything that is connected with sex can be a mater of great emotional conflict for both men and women. Where a person’s ability to give satisfying sex to the partner is concerned, men are almost always at the losing end due to numerous forms of sexual dysfucntion. 

Therefore, it is important to address this as well as the fact that this can lead to erectile dysfunction. However, this needs to be understood with a mature perspective. Both Peyronie’s disease and ED are completely curable. However, it needs to be remembered that Cenforce 150 will not treat Peyronie’s disease in itself. It can only help in treating the ED that may be a side effect of the condition.

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