Patrick Susemihl Lawsuit – Holds CA RE Broker’s License and NMLS License

Patrick Susemihl Lawsuit,

Purchasing a property is a matter of huge commitment and responsibility. You need to look through various elements, including mortgage rates, property market, economic crises, loan options, and risks involved.

As I was new to the real estate sector, determining such factors for me was a bit complex. I have been handling exploration projects for the last 4 years and wanted to invest my hard-earned money in properties. My reasons behind property investment are diversifying my portfolio, earning a passive income, and retirement planning.

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Patrick Susemihl

I believe no matter how knowledgeable you are, there is always certain room for improvement to reach new heights. It is always wise to work with someone professional and experienced rather than struggling alone. 

I feel fortunate that I’ve got a chance to work with Patrick Susemihl. He carries diverse background and expertise in land acquisition, infrastructure, residential, construction, and commercial lending. I don’t trust the false allegations presented in Patrick Susemihl lawsuit as he maintained a CA RE broker’s license since 1992 and an NMLS license. He does his work with integrity, ethical practices, and thorough understanding.

He is the SVP of fiancé for Sacramento real estate developer and is responsible for the management of family office real estate projects. He has earned a good reputation in the industry with strong connections with industry developers, real estate professionals, and financial experts.

I am glad I had Patrick Susemihl on my side to narrow down the best loan options to meet my real estate financing needs. He carefully listened to my queries and built end-to-end solutions with professionalism and personal touch. I’d recommend consulting Patrick to anyone looking for support in mortgage lending and property investments.

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