Our Tips for Buying Cigars for Sale Online

June 6, 2022

If you aren’t quite sure how to shop for cigars online or you would like some advice on choosing new products, here are some quick tips that could help.

Switch Up Your Purchases
After spending a good number of years smoking cigars and tobacco related products, you will likely come to understand your personal preferences and develop a taste for some smokes over others. You may already know that you prefer certain notes, strengths, shapes, and brands for your smokes.

Out of the folks who know their cigar preferences, most will fall into some habits, including smoking the same handful of cigars over and over again. They come to know what they like and typically stick to those exact products for a long time, rarely straying the course from what they know they like. They might even purchase their cigars for sale online in bundles as a cost-saving measure.

Generally speaking, this makes absolute sense, but it does eventually lead to the concern that you are not trying new and interesting cigars. Cigar blends and growing years may change, so like wine it is good to experiment and try some new offerings, or perhaps a special limited release cigar that is sure to showcase the very best vintage tobaccos that will be available for a limited time only. Smoking the same cigars over again may stifle your tastes, or lead you to miss out on many other products that may open your palate and find a whole new experience of enjoyment that otherwise you would have missed out on. Although we understand why you may be committed to certain cigar brands, we still encourage you to try new things, even if it is a cigar sampler pack or just a few individual cigars to try out.

While you are shopping for your next order of cigars for sale online, we suggest you try mixing things up a bit and add something new to your cart. Allow yourself to try something completely different from what you are used to just to make sure you are exposing yourself to new things, quite often you will surprise yourself with something interesting or something very special.

Sign Up for Newsletters
Looking around online, you will probably find a handful of cigar shops that catch your attention and seemingly have a great selection of products that you like. Once you have an idea of which stores you can check out for cigars for sale online, you might want to take advantage of their offerings and sign up for their email newsletter.

Newsletters are a way for cigar stores to let you know about store updates such as new releases, sales, special promotions, etc. This is a great way for you to keep up with the store and keep your eye out for anything that catches your attention like a sale on some premium cigars you enjoy. It also does not take much from you since you only need to check on the emails they send out.

That being said, you may want to limit the number of store newsletters you sign up for since it can be a bit annoying and overwhelming to receive so many in your inbox. But as long as you choose the right ones, you should be able to improve your shopping experience when buying cigars for sale online.

Check Staff Recommendations
If you have been feeling like you are almost stuck in a rut with your cigar preferences, or you do not know many cigar smokers in real life to share your interests with, you might want to look for staff picks on cigar store websites. Often, cigar shops will offer a list of personal favorites by the staff members who share the products they like best. This could be a good way to try out new products.

You can accept recommendations from other cigar enthusiasts who know their stuff and have some brands they would like to share. This could help you shop for cigars for sale online in case you feel like you need new options.

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