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Nowadays, social media has become an inescapable facet of our lives. Its reason is that presence and usage of social media has affected our society. In the Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’, they have talked about the harms of social media. Moreover, they have also explored the current fears due to the potential hazards of social media. This Netflix documentary is showing the dark side of social media. For example, they have talked about illegal data mining and prediction of the data by using manipulative technology. They have also shown that social media sites are controlling human psychology. Before watching this Netflix documentary about social media, you should try to know the following things.

What Netflix Documentary is about?

 Before watching this Netflix documentary, you should know what it is about. You should know this thing at the general level. It is more than a hybrid documentary drama. When you will watch this documentary film, you will know about the hazards of social media sites. They have examined various ways how social media companies are manipulating human psychology. For this reason, social media companies are rewiring the human brain. Moreover, they have also explained the impacts of this act of social media sites on society. For this reason, they have conducted interviews with the engineers who have designed this technology. They have explained these fears. Along with engineers, they have involved tech and psychology experts in this discussion. In this documentary, they have offered an eye-opening look at the world.

Scripted Portions for Illustration of Points:

While watching the Netflix documentary, you can also know the point of views of the Google and Apple engineers. They will explain that how they are working to manipulate the services for the users. Anyhow, you will also find that they are facing some problems to fully explain some topics. In other words, they are losing grasp while explaining these topics. The director of this documentary film has also included scripted portions for the illustration of these points. They have illustrated all the points that they have made throughout the documentary. You will know that how social media is grasping the attention of the users. Along with getting the attention of the users, these sites are also connecting them with the rest of the world. To connect with the rest of the world, you will have to sacrifice meaningful relationships.

How Are Social Media Companies Taking Advantage of Users?

In this Netflix documentary, the director has discussed people of all ages. Anyhow, they have covered the vulnerability of teenagers. Due to the influences of the social media sites, they are using various social media sites. In these social media sites, there comes Facebook, Instagram and multiple other sites. While explaining the statistics of these social media sites, they have explained depression and anxiety. They have also explained that the rates of suicides are also correlated with the use of social media sites. When the director will take the interviews of the experts relevant to these problems, watchers will get more idea of their impacts. According to experts, it is the most dramatic section of the entire Netflix documentary.

Tristan Harris is the Main Subject of Netflix Documentary:

Told by a dissertation help firm, he is the former design ethicist at Google. Later on, he has worked hard to form the Center for Humane Technology. Here, they have explained the selling of the user’s data. According to them, these companies are selling the user’s data to the highest bidders. Tristan Harris has prepared a presentation to avoid the companies by following this kind of practice. Moreover, he has also worked to make their projects less addictive. While working at Google, Tristan Harris has sent a proposal to the big giants in the industry. With the help of this proposal, he has requested the companies that they should give up this kind of strategy. If they will follow this kind of strategy, they will make the people burry in their phones. To create the Center for Humane technology, he has left Google.   

Be Ready to Get Feeling to Deactivate Your Social Media Accounts:

When you will watch this Netflix documentary, you should be ready to deactivate your social media accounts. While watching this documentary, lots of people want to get rid of all the social media accounts. They also want to turn off their phones and throw them out of the window. In some cases, the film may last more dramatic impacts on your mind. When you will watch this documentary drama, you will know that the tech engineers are accepting these things. Therefore, the companies are still running with these flaws. Due to these flaws, they are lasting some negative impacts on the minds of the users. In some cases, they are trying to control the minds of the users. Therefore, we should stay away from these sites.

Not Offering Solutions:

No doubt, it is one of the most important and consequential documentaries of recent time. Different organizations are appreciating their ways to expose the big giants in the industry. They have talked about the damages of these companies to retain users and to gain new users. Due to these practices of the social media sites, they are expecting the users for eye-opening approaches. While explaining these things, they are expecting from the users that they should throw their phones into the garbage. Anyhow, if they will provide the solutions to these problems, this Netflix documentary will last more impacts on the users. For example, it is lasting some impacts on human psychology. Instead of telling about it, we should try to take preventive measures to solve these problems.


Before pressing the play button, I should know either it is worth playing for me or not. For this reason, I have to get all the work. No doubt, we are spending enough time of the day using social media sites. Therefore, we should try to know its impacts on our physical and mental health. When you will watch a Netflix documentary, you will know its possible impacts on mental health. For this reason, they have shared the interviews of the tech experts. According to tech experts, the use of social media sites is lasting some psychological impacts on our mental health. Anyhow, along with highlighting the problems, they have not shared the possible solutions to these problems.

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