Need of Suitable Custom Packaging for Aroma Products.

October 13, 2021

The need for custom packaging is becoming more and more necessary as the demand for aromatherapy products grows. Aromatherapy uses by many cultures around the world to enhance moods, relieve stress, and promote personal well-being. However, if you are not using a suitable container, it can be difficult to enjoy these benefits. There are five things that you should know about aroma therapy before investing in any product:

·         The type of oil or blend that you use will dictate what kind of container is best;

·         how much scent your chosen package provides;

·         whether air tightness matters;

·         how long the scent lasts after opening;

·         and lastly – do not store oils in plastic containers because they will break down over time.

A few factors will help you choose the best aromatherapy container.

The answer lies in what kind of oil or blend that you use, how much scent your chosen package provides, whether air tightness matters, and how long the scent lasts after opening. Let’s get more into these individual factors:

The type of oil or blend you use will tell you what kind of custom tincture boxes to use. Some oils are good in clear containers, while others are better in dark containers. For example, rose oil will stay fresh for five years if put into a clear glass container away from direct sunlight, but can last up to ten years if put into a dark glass bottle. In contrast, sandalwood oil will degrade from direct sunlight exposure in as few as three months. For this reason, it is best to keep sandalwood oil in a dark glass container.

Aroma products have become a huge trend in the cosmetics world, and it’s no wonder why. The demand for these products is ever-increasing as more people are becoming aware of their need to care for their skin and hair without harsh chemicals. As this industry grows, so does the demand for exotic and ageless essential oils like sandalwood oil.

Use of the custom packaging make the aroma more protective and safer from external harms.

aromas are so sensitive that they need a must an airtight jar to protect them from sun light, air and moisture.

It is known that Essential Oils are very delicate. They are the essence of their plant source. People should not be in the sun or outside for long periods of time because they will get a bad smell and color. This does not mean that you should always keep your oils in a cool, dark place. You must first keep these tips in mind when transporting these oils home from the store (or carrying them with you during travel).

The Essential Oils Company is the world leader for 100% pure essential oils. We are one of the few sources worldwide that can guarantee purity, quality and freshness when dealing with aroma therapeutics. We have done considerable research on popular carriers to use in reference to Essential Oils storage. Jars are widely popular when it comes to storing small amounts of essential oils or even blends that you anticipate using within a week or so. This includes roller bottles that have composition of glass or plastic which come with metal ball applicators inside them.

Consumers can see aroma packaging with unique features

There are different kinds of bottles for aroma packaging. These include Amber Glass Bottles, Chrome Dropper Bottle, Curved Dropper Bottle, Corked Dropper Bottle, Fine Mist Spray Bottle, Glass Rollerball Bottles or Plastic Roller Bottles.

Plastic is a good solution for storage containers because they are durable and inexpensive. But it can be a problem when you put essential oils in the containers because the oil might make the plastic leaky. That would make it possible for some smells to come out of the container even though you do not want that to happen.

boxes of these scents help them in different ways

They have such design of boxes that we can smell the fragrance without opening it. When you go to the store, it is easy to see the smells that people like. Some people like them because they smell good. Others like them because of their packaging.

Recycling of the plastic aroma bottles:

There are recycled materials that are made so people don’t have to give up on quality. They want you to know that by buying a recycled essential oil, you will not be sacrificing anything else for the quality. It might seem hard to find these days, but it’s actually something I’ve always had trouble with. Nowadays more and more companies are making essential oils out of 100% recycled plastic bottles due to environmental factors.

The following steps should be followed when packaging essential oils for transport:

  •  Keep the amber jar tightly closed at all times except when adding drops into your diffuser or carrier oil.
  • Make sure the liquid is higher up in the jar, not touching the top of it. If the liquid touches your plastic cap, it will break it. And if some oils get on your glass jar, they can make it weak and breakable over time.
  • When you are carrying cans with metal lids, make sure that the lids are tight before you put them in your car. If they are not tight enough, then when you open them at their destination, they might explode. This has happened many times before.
  • Keep a copy of your labels and a pen inside each container so you know which oils are in which bottle should any lids break. It is also advisable to write the date of storage on them so you know how long they have been there, and what was in them at that time.
  • Keep bottles away from places where there might be an explosion, like near the kitchen or stove. This will help them not break if there is an explosion.



You have many options when it comes to choosing the right container for your aromatherapy products. You can choose to buy a custom pack of oils through custom packaging printing. That way, you can enjoy them anywhere. We offer three types of containers – roll-on bottles, spray bottles and tubes with droppers – so that you can buy the one that fits your needs best.



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