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National Parks in Turkey: A Guide to Adventure
By Dinish Singh

National Parks in Turkey: A Guide to Adventure

Turkey is a country situated at the crossroads of Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. Diverse landscapes include jaggy mountains, fertile plains and national parks in Turkey


It is also a sought-after tourist destination known for its ancient and historical sites, age-old museums, national parks and various architectural marvels. Book Turkey tour packages for a diverse and dynamic experience of Turkey. 


National parks in Turkey wildlife lovers must explore

Below is the list of national parks in Turkey that wildlife lovers should definitely explore. 

Aladağlar National Park – Paradise for backpackers and trekkers

This tranquil and breathtaking natural ecosystem is located in the Central Taurus mountain of Turkey. The majestic peak of Aladaglar Mountain within the park is the main attraction for mountaineers, hikers, Ice climbers, rock climbers and trekkers. You can encounter a rich diversity of plants like deciduous forests, coniferous forests, alpine meadows, wildflowers and endemic vegetation. The park is home to many wildlife like brown bears, wild goats and birds. The visitors can witness ancient ruins, and historic sites and can go camping within the park. 


Köprülü Canyon National Park – With a stunning backdrop

Koprulu Canyon National Park, a natural treasure with a stunning backdrop is located in Antalya, Turkey. The iconic feature of the park is Koprulu Canyon, the rugged canyons are formed by the Koprucay river flowing through the park. Visitors can go kayaking and white water rafting in the Koprucay River which is a popular rafting destination in Turkey and hike through the crisscross trails. The park is home to various plants like pine forests, and cedar forests and animals like squirrels, foxes and birds. 


Lake Beyşehir National Park – Witness the spectacular beauty of the lake

 Lake Beyşehir National Park is a natural heaven located in the Konya province of Turkey. The Beysehir Lake within the park is Turkey’s third largest freshwater lake known for its crystal clear water and surrounded by hills, forests, and wetlands which creates a spectacular view of the lake. The lake is ideal for boating, fishing and swimming. The hiking trails through the forests are ideal for hikers to explore the surrounding oak, pine and cedar trees and the historical sites like Eflatun Pinar are evidence of the cultural significance of Turkey. 


Nemrut Dagi National Park – The historical national park of Turkey

Nemrut Dagi National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site in Turkey. Mount Nemrut within the park provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, vast plateaus, deep valleys and Euphrates River during the sunrise and sunset. The mountain slopes are ideal for trekking while uncovering historical sites like the Kingdom of Commagene and the vision of King Antiochus I. Nemrut Dagi National Park is a place of wonder and inspiration


Göreme National Park – The view that will make your jaw drop

Göreme National Park is a stunning natural wonder located in Cappadocia, Turkey. The park is famous for its cave dwellings, rock-cut churches and rock formations from the volcanic eruptions which have turned into the shape of fairy chimneys or hoodoos. It is the best place in the world for hot air balloon rides during sunrise. Popular trails like Love Valley, Rose Valley, and Pigeon Valley are ideal for hiking and trekking. Visit this captivating destination to experience rich history and culture. 


Beydağları Coastal National Park – A pre-historic national park by the sea

Beydağları Coastal National Park is a prehistoric park located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The stunning features of the park include mountains, lush forests and tranquil coastline. The diverse ecosystem of the park includes endangered Mediterranean monk seals and flora including pine and cedar forests. The diverse terrain is ideal for hiking and camping and the tranquil coastline featuring secluded coves, pebble beaches are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 


Kazdagi National Park – Paradise for nature lovers

Kazdagi National Park is a natural paradise located in Turkey. The park is protected by Ida mountains which are of a height of around 1770 meters and adorned with lush forests, serene valleys and pristine streams. The park is a vital conservation area for wildlife like mammals, birds and reptiles. The terrains with cascading waterfalls like Hasanboguldu waterfall and Sutuven waterfall and the diverse ecosystem including oak, pine and beech forests in the park are ideal for hiking, trekking and camping in the wild. 


Altin Besik Cave National Park – Experience thrilling caving

Altin Besik Cave National Park is located in the province of Antalya in Turkey. The features of the park are impressive limestone caves, crystal clear underground lakes, hiking trails, lush forests, verdant valleys, and rugged terrain with cascading waterfalls. The flora include oak, pine and cedar forests and fauna include owls, eagles and waterfowl. The tranquil atmosphere and picturesque surroundings are an ideal spot for nature lovers.


Kackar Mountains National Park – The rainy forest of Turkey

Kackar Mountains National Park is a remarkable rainy forest with rugged terrain and rich biodiversity located in Turkey. The Kacker mountains soar to a height of 3900 meters with the terrain featuring alpine meadows, glacier valleys, dense forests and cascading waterfalls making it ideal for hiking, trekking and climbing. The park is home to wild animals like brown bears, wolves, Chamois and numerous trees like beech, spruce and pine. The park authority ensures the protection of the ecosystem while promoting sustainable tourism. 


Yedigoller National Park – Heaven for photographers

Yedigoller National Park is a charming natural wonder located in the Bolu province of Turkey. The park features lush forests and seven glacial lakes which is a chain of seven lakes of distinct shape and size. The dense forests surrounding the lake create a spectacular backdrop for photography. The park is home to a range of animals like wild boars, deer, birds and plants like beech, pine, oak and hornbeam trees. The visitors can go hiking through the terrain and go camping and fishing near the river. The Yedigoller National Park offers a unique and captivating experience. 


By booking Turkey tour packages you can delve into the beauty of this significantly diversified country offering a treasure trove of enchanting destinations and memorable moments. From the ancient city of Troy to the archeological marvels of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, the cave dwellings of Cappadocia, and the well-preserved museums in Ephesus. Along with this explore the rugged landscapes of Taurus and Kacker mountains, the sunkissed beaches in the Mediterranean and national parks in Turkey. Visit the country to create unforgettable and cherished memories.

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