Most Common Designs in Garment Packaging Boxes

Importance of Garment Packaging Boxes

Garment packaging is an important part of the garments industry, without which the industry in incomplete. The need for garment packaging boxes is just as important as a good quality garment. No matter the scale of your business, you need good quality garment packaging boxes as they help you:

  • Manage your product in storing
  • Helps to keep it safe during shipping
  • Helps you organize and make it more presentable

As the garment box plays such an important role, it is only understandable that the box should be of the highest quality. Meaning it should consist of high quality material, which should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and long shipping procedures. Garments are valuable items and should be kept safe to maintain their quality and grace, and if the box is not of high quality, it is not possible.

Designs of Garment Packaging Boxes

Design is something that gives the viewer the initial feeling about the product. Regardless of whether a conventional or high quality product is packed in the custom made box designed for premium experience, it builds the item’s worth. So you ought to get decent boxes proposed for your pieces of clothing to make more money.

It will make them look more high-end and satisfactory. Taking a look at the top of the line companies’ products, we can immediately 0see how they are packed in the boxes and they look presentable in the box, because of the clothing boxes design. They are made of cardboard of incredible quality and the design is so interesting and eye-catching.

Magnetic Top Closure Garment Box

Magnetic closure top box additionally have 2 sections that make the box. Outside is for printing brand and products information, and the internal box could convey and ensure the items inside. These sort of boxes have a magnet in the top part and a metal plate in the holder box, which stays together when shut. This makes the box safer when it is being moved from one spot then onto the next.

Shouldered Flip Top Garment Box

This box is typically produced using a hard and strong paper, to withstand unpleasant conditions. This box doesn’t utilize customary magnets or removable flip tops to close the box. Rather, a new design has been presented, which has a string (shoulder) appended to the side of the box, to hold the top back from collapsing, making it simple to close and keep the top set up when opened

Foldable/Collapsible Garment Box

At first, garment boxes were made in inflexible style to make the box more tough and durable. Yet, they used to take a ton of room while transportation and conveyance, so foldable garment boxes were introduced with the market, and they quickly turned into a hit, as they were similarly pretty much as solid as standard inflexible boxes, yet could be handily collapsed when being dispatched or not being used.

Drawer or Slider Garment Box

It was thought to make the garment boxes similar to that of a drawer and slide the primary holder out to put the items inside. This construction of cabinet or drawer boxes is safer and guarantees that the items inside stays fit as a fiddle. They just has this one major holder which can be divided, however their shape is not very customizable.

3D Model Boxes

These boxes are what you call premium quality boxes, as they consist of 3 pieces, one 2 piece box for the main packaging of the product and other 2 pieces that come from the sides, encasing the main box. These boxes usually feature a 3D image or design on the top and are made from sturdy material, which can protect the products inside.

Materials Used to Make Garment Boxes

As we have told, that garment boxes comes in all shapes and sizes, customers can get them customized in any shape, design or style they want, which makes these boxes really versatile. Garment boxes are popular not only due to their easy customizations, but because they have a variety of materials available to choose from, you can select the material that best suits your needs, some of the popular options are:

  • Corrugated Paper
  • Ivory Paper Board
  • Hardboard
  • Kraft Paper
  • Specialty Paper

These are some of the available paper options for garment boxes, this allows the clients complete control over the quality of the box.

Why Use Garment Boxes

Garment boxes are used by every garment business, no matter how big or small they are, every business needs a good quality box, garment boxes are used because:

  • Makes your brand more visible
  • Protects the product while shipping
  • Makes the product more presentable
  • Garment boxes can be reused, which makes them a more sustainable option

Can help market the business on a bigger scale, while keeping on a budget


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