Mind and Body Exercises

Most diseases today are discovered and evaluated through symptom analysis, but the underlying truth about them is not fully understood, despite the advanced technologies and several researches by medical experts. More often than not, the actions taken against diseases, including diagnosis and treatment, attack only one face of the disease, usually that which is physically obvious. 

Diseases, like depression, are multi-faced. While most will see depression and its manifestations as more of a mental or behavioral matter, it is also an illness which is of physical nature. That’s why when treating depression in a natural way, it’s important to target both the mental and physical aspects of the body. Yoga is a mind and body exercise that requires proper breathing techniques while holding the body in challenging and flexibility-demanding positions.

 It will not only let you sweat out the toxins in your body, but also release the stress and negative thoughts or emotions from your mind. Another is tai-chi, which originated from ancient China. It involves slow and flowy martial arts movements executed simultaneously with controlled breathing.

 Meditation is considered as a mental exercise, wherein the mind is allowed to focus or concentrate on either one concrete entity/object (Concentrative Meditation), say, a burning candle, or a series of thoughts that flows in the mind one after another (Mindfulness Meditation). Proper breathing is practiced in meditation, and the mind is stripped off of any negative thoughts and bias feelings. The mind becomes an empty vessel that is filled uncontrollably with positive thoughts

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