Medical Gloves: Types, Uses & All Things Essential

Medical industry has a mandatory requirement for the use of personal protection equipment (PPE). This is used not just for safeguarding one’s health but also eliminating the chance of any sort of contamination while performing tasks.

Among other important PPE gears, Gloves play the most significant role in ensuring safety and reducing hazards. The use of standard medical gloves is of utmost importance. However, before you purchase gloves you have to make sure that the gloves you purchase are standard medical grade as not all gloves are suitable for use in the medical industry.

To offer you more information on ideal medical gloves, we have enumerated all the important things to know about them. Keep on reading till the end to find all things essential about them.

Use of Medical Gloves

Medical Gloves are differentiated by their uses. There are primarily two types of medical gloves available in the market as per usage – Exam gloves and Surgical gloves. Each of these gloves have specific functions.

Exam Gloves are typically used by healthcare employees and caregivers. These gloves protect them and the patient from contamination during check-ups or examination procedures. For instance, taking blood samples, x-rays, etc.

Surgical gloves are used by Surgeons and nurses working in the operating room. These gloves are designed and sized for providing enhanced precision. They also protect from causing any sensitive reaction or contamination.

Exam gloves are more economical than surgical gloves. However, surgical gloves are produced using advanced material and technology.

Types of Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are furthermore categorized by the material they are made of. Traditionally, medical gloves were made of latex material and did an impressive job to offer protection. However, in later years it was found that the latex caused allergic reaction in some individuals.

Henceforth, came the alternative to latex material medical gloves – Nitrile material medical gloves. Nitrile gloves are made of artificially produced synthetic that essentially comes from petroleum. Both nitrile and latex material are available as medical gloves.

Important Note on Latex Allergy

Even though latex made medical gloves offer great functionality, it has been observed that several healthcare workers develop latex allergy due to prolonged exposure to this material. The allergic symptoms are usually redness, skin irritation and in some cases, respiratory difficulty.

This is why over the years, there has been a massive rejection toward latex made medical gloves. However, companies have introduced power-free latex gloves that significantly reduces the chances of causing any allergic reaction to it.


Medical gloves are an essential in the healthcare industry. Choosing the standard grade medical gloves makes a significant impact in the deliverance of tasks successfully. The risk of contamination and contraction of harmful bacteria in this industry is an occupational hazard.

However, choosing the right set of PPE gears which also includes medical gloves can protect the people working in the particular industry. Based on the above information make sure to choose ideal medical gloves for you now.


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