Managed Service Providers: Do cloud costs decrease?

January 20, 2022

Managed Service Providers for cloud transitions:

Costs associated with cloud computing are causing companies problems. Companies are now using cloud computing as part of their technology infrastructure, and cloud bills are on the rise. Furthermore, companies are now adopting multi-cloud strategies, so cost structures may become even more complex.

Do You Need Managed Service Providers for Your Cloud Needs? How do MSPs play a role in your cloud deployment – what are their functions, what are their benefits, and what is their cost?

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MSPs are responsible for what?

Because we have experienced similar problems with many of our customers, a managed service provider comes along with your organization and understands the problems you are experiencing.

A managed service provider, therefore, comes along and works with you to understand what the industry trends are, what the industry does, whether it’s connectivity problems, whether it’s infrastructure, whether it’s application issues. Whether it’s an employee issue or an end-user issue, we can help.

Then we architect solutions that we can manage end-to-end or we can manage in a piecemeal manner.

We work as your partner, not just as someone who does things for you. You’re more than just a customer, you’re a partner, not just a client. You ought to be treated accordingly.

What companies hire MSPs most often?

A few of our businesses are small, but perhaps they have big processes because they have applications that are important to them and their customers, but they do not do business promotion. Those companies don’t exist.

The reason they come to us, even though they have a small staff. In addition, we also support customers whose businesses are very, very large, with thousands and thousands of users all over the world.

Cloud environments are becoming increasingly popular, but companies aren’t sure how to help their customers migrate. They are aware of this thing called the public cloud, but they don’t know how to move people into it, so they need someone to manage one of their businesses, whether it is a service or a piece of infrastructure, perhaps.

Consequently, the provider helps them understand how their environment works today and how to create a mixed or cloudy climate. Our ability to manage services allows us to attract companies of all sizes.

People need assistance when it comes to cloud computing.

Think of Microsoft Azure, for example, in the cloud business. Microsoft Azure has been undergoing so many changes, so many things in the public preview are not yet available to the general public.

As new features are released, it can be difficult to keep up. Managed providers find it challenging, not to mention businesses that are trying to focus on running their businesses and drive their revenue to their core business, not to mention these new services that will benefit them. Do what you do best.

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What are the benefits of MSPs to companies?

Therefore, the regulatory agencies may conduct inspections of your equipment. We have seen last year and still see today a company that wants to move into the cloud and even tries to do it on their own, and then they are uplifting and transforming around them in the cloud. However, they do not fully comprehend why they do not save money.

Because they don’t save any money when they upgrade and modify the software and put it in the cloud, they don’t use other services that the cloud offers.

You pay a lot of money for the physical environment that is there with a lot of CPUs and memory and storage. The goal is to build a database server. Any DBA worth their salt will tell you that their SQL server should have as much CPU and memory as possible.

As you move into the cloud, you are now paying for all the CPU, all the memory, and all the storage, but in reality, what we are seeing is that only five to twenty percent of the CPU. The speed is slowed to 40 or 50%.

So, if you take that environment, switch it to the cloud, and use only five to 10% of the virtual CPUs for the entire month, you pay for that 32 virtual CPUs. Because you are currently using it, there will be no optimization around there, and therefore you will continue to pay more.

The regulatory service provider looks at the environment, examines what’s happening in that environment, and then elevates it. This could also be done on the network side. In one of our services, for example, we look at your network and realize, ‘Hey, we bought a gigabit service at MPLS, and we paid a lot for it.’

We must come in and understand what is happening across the network. Can you tell me how your bandwidth usage is? Are you willing to pay for that? In addition, we promote that the software enters the cloud or enters our network as a service, for instance, and that the price is affordable. Because companies don’t have time to learn how to scale their infrastructure, how do you get a lot of free cloud spending? Are there any ways to improve this connection?

Are you optimistic about the future of the Managed Service Provider market, especially in terms of customer support and cloud costs?

In and of itself, MSPs will continue to grow. Secondly, it will grow because we can be versatile. After all, managed service providers can provide us with talent that continues to learn and grow as the market grows.

Because of this, businesses and enterprises will continue to depend on their internal talent, as well as on managed service providers to provide that level of experience. As you know, it’s not just about “We’re bringing them in to do a professional service and then they will continue to deliver the next project since they delivered this time, did they not?

Thus, we will see that as the public cloud becomes more complex, they will provide more services or applications as a service, as connectivity becomes cheaper, but even more complex, since just because I am paying for a cheap connectivity service, does that mean it’s the right one?

Thus, we will see that as the public cloud becomes more complex, they will provide more services or applications as a service, as connectivity becomes cheaper, but even more complex, since just because I am paying for a cheap connectivity service, does that mean it’s the right one?

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How about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the cloud? Would you be able to get those services through MSPs hired by the company?

Although many MSPs do not have their artificial intelligence team, it partners with one. So, the customer comes to us and says, “This is what we’re trying to do. We need some assistance to accomplish this. Then the customer asks, “Please assist.”

“Yes”, is the answer. In terms of artificial intelligence, there are partners we can bring in or some partners we can bring in to help determine how they handle, what you do in terms of artificial intelligence, I know what you’re trying to do, maybe it’s a manufacturer. Does it need to collect more data so that quality assurance checks can be automated?

Here’s an example of how we enlisted help from another partner. Managed service providers can assist you with this. In other words, find a specialist there if you plan to hire it in-house or if you decide to do so so you can do that one thing you’re looking for. The process of hiring a consultant or contractor takes some time.


While deploying a managed service provider can take months or years, some partners can help you. The process can be sped up.

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