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A creasing and stiffness tester machine, widely utilized in the packaging industry, is meant to measure the stiffening and creasing properties of cardboard or paper. It is commonly a laboratory testing machine that helps to evaluate the physical properties of various paper and cardboard products. Through this device, standards for stiffness and folding can be confirmed.

The machine is composed of two principal elements: a creasing unit and a stiffness unit. The creasing unit applies a precisely measured amount of pressure to a sample of cardboard or paper, forming a crease which simulates the folding of an item such as a box. The stiffness tester then measures the force required to bend the sample at an exact angle, providing insight into its stiffness and bending characteristics.

How does Creasing and stiffness tester work

Crease and stiffness testers are indispensable tools for testing carton board, paper, printing and packaging materials. Manufacturers, quality control personnel, and researchers alike use the results of these tests to determine if the material is apt for their purpose or to gauge how two different materials measure up.

The creasing and stiffness tester machine executes these stages: measuring, bending and calculating. It gauges, curves and computes the results.

Testing requires fine-tuning of the creasing unit and adjusting pressure to create creases. Afterwards, samples are placed in the stiffness unit to determine force required for bending at a given angle. All related data such as force, stiffness are recorded by the machine; these figures enable verifying if standards are met. 

Ultimately, an analysis should evaluate creasing properties, stiffness and industry compliance. Additionally, multiple tests with different samples can be executed for accuracy and precision; trustworthiness and credibility of results is guaranteed thanks to the creasing and stiffness tester which evaluates these metrics under controlled conditions.

Properties of Creasing and stiffness tester

The attributes of creasing and stiffness testing machines can differ according to the model and producer, yet some common features are:

Creasing unit: A creasing unit usually consists of blades that can be tailored to exert a certain level of force onto paper or cardboard.

Stiffness unit: The stiffness unit often consists of an instrument which can bend the creased sample at a designated angle, and then measure the force required for it to do so.

Sample size: The machine’s capacity is specified with regards to sampling either paper or cardboard, allowing for a selection of sizes.

Speed and accuracy: The machine may have a set speed for conducting tests and a certain level of accuracy in measuring stiffness and creasing properties.

Display and data storage: The machine can feature a display screen to illustrate test outcomes and the capacity to preserve test data for future analysis.

Safety features: To ensure safety, some machines may be equipped with emergency stop buttons and guards to protect against any misfortunes during testing.

Calibration: Periodic calibration is required to guarantee accurate function and dependable test results from the machine.

Types of Creasing and stiffness tester

There are a range of creasing and stiffness tester machines, each with different capabilities. Manual versions require manual operation to apply pressure and record stiffness readings; semi-automatic ones automate parts of the process but still need manual input for data entry and analysis. 

By contrast, fully automatic models are able to conduct several tests autonomously, yet they are often more pricey than their manual or semi-automatic counterparts. Digital testers utilize digital technology to calculate results precisely, while computer-controlled types are the most technically advanced – usually found in research laboratories – yet also come at a higher price. Ultimately, choosing the suitable type depends on specific needs, cost considerations, and expected accuracy.

Why choose Testronix Creasing and stiffness tester

Testronix offers a high-quality crease stiffness testing instrument for paper boards and other related materials. This lab equipment has been designed to deliver stability and accuracy, with features that make the testing process user-friendly. 

The Testronix Creasing and Stiffness Tester is a dual-purpose instrument, used in the paper and packaging industry to assess the stiffness and creasing of samples. This model is extremely durable and accurate, built with a robust body, complete with safety features that protect against load cell damage. Its advanced load cell is sensitive and precise, displaying results on the digital display. It additionally has an overload protection feature as well as a unique design inspired by the 7LPC formula. This tester also complies with standards such as BS 6965-Part-1-1988, BS 3748, PMI 068, BS ISO 2493:1 and TAPPI T556.

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