Look beyond the Fees while checking out Class 3 Fees 2023


The demand for international Indian schools in Abu Dhabi is rising due to many ex-pat parents moving to Abu Dhabi due to their jobs. Parents are looking for schools that provide engaging curriculums that are up to date with the needs of today’s globalized world. Apart from studies, parents are also looking for where students are encouraged to develop skills that can help them in their personal and professional lives.

Soft skills such as empathy and adaptability, are in high demand in today’s economy as they can help students flourish in a multicultural setting.

Unique Experiences Provided by International Schools

1. Innovative Classrooms for the Youngest Learners

In order to make students all-rounders the school has innovative classrooms with digital boards, tablets, online learning resources, and other facilities such as Gym, library, and labs.

2. Unique Bridge Programme

The school has a unique bridge programme specially designed for students who join the school in the middle of the year. In this programme teachers help them to complete the syllabus and be on track with other students 

3. Exposure to real-world technologies to build futuristic skills

There is a Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that focuses on helping pupils develop their technical skills from a young age. 

4. Presentations on Leadership

As part of their Leadership Lecture Series, students at an Indian school in Abu Dhabi get the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with global professionals from various fields.

5. AL Tasamuh

An arena for students to showcase their talents in a variety of fields via contests in areas such as music, dance, language, and STEAM from all GSF campuses including the United Arab Emirates.

6. Kutuhal

Events are meant to challenge and inspire kids to think beyond the box and use their imaginations. The purpose of Qutuhal is to teach students how to effectively use digital tools for research, planning, project management, issue-solving, and decision-making.

Top reasons your child should attend Indian schools in Abu Dhabi

There are several benefits to attending an Indian school in Abu Dhabi. Its success stems from not just the multicultural atmosphere but also the execution of courses that are better suited to the needs of the contemporary labor market and worldwide society. We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons your child should attend Indian schools in Abu Dhabi.

1. International Standards

The education provided by international schools meets international standards which are followed all over the world. School gives equal importance to UAE-based core curriculum along with the British and American systems. 

2. Well Rounded Education at an affordable cost

If you are looking for a school that provides affordable Class 3 Fees 2023, for your child? The Indian schools in Abu Dhabi meet your needs without compromising on the quality of education. The school fosters not only intellectual growth but also the acquisition of new abilities (“soft” skills, like communication and socialization), but also personal growth, and the formation of positive values like compassion, empathy, and accountability in its students.

3. Learning Multiple Languages

Indian schools in Abu Dhabi also have foreign languages besides Arabic, and English in their curriculum which provides exceptional chances for students to expand their linguistic repertoire. Validation of language abilities via internationally recognized certification is a major selling point in the job market.

4. An International set-up

One of the best things about attending an international school in Abu Dhabi is the exposure students get to other cultures. The students expand their horizons by learning about various civilizations. This helps them learn to work with others despite their differences in background, upbringing, and other personal traits, and are more equipped to adapt to whatever culture they encounter.

5. Superior skills

Students who study in international schools are considered for their superior knowledge and skills.

6. Various Activities

Indian schools in Abu Dhabi offer various activities so that students can follow their passion along with studies such as language classes, athletics, and the fine arts (such as music, painting, dance, photography, etc.

Indian schools in Abu Dhabi help students nurture their interests, channel natural curiosity, and habituate a more methodical approach to learning and goal-setting via exposure to a wide range of these experiences. Because of this, a student at an international school has the chance to grow not just academically but also personally and socially.


So parents should always look beyond just Class 3 Fees 2023 and should give importance to the value the school provides at the affordable cost of helping children overall.

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