Learn Simple Methods for Hair Restoration

Like health and fitness, many people take their looks as a grant until they realize it. These days the majority of people prefer hair transplants to bring back what looks like. If you are worried about thinning hair and constant hair fall, visit Beverly hills hair restoration clinic to resolve all your problems. Following are the methods that you can consider for your transplantation process. 

Tissue Expansion

Another method used in treating baldness is called tissue expansion. Plastic surgeons are the best to conduct tissue expansion. A method generally used in restoration surgery to fix burn wounds and injuries with some skin loss. Its use in hair transplant surgery has produced exciting outcomes in a short time. In this method, a balloon-like tool is known as a tissue expander. It is inserted under a hair-bearing scalp that lies next to a bald area. The tool slowly fills it with saltwater over weeks. This causes the skin to develop and grow new skin cells. This makes a lump under the hair-bearing scalp just after some weeks.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery on the scalp has been executed successfully for more than 20 years. This method can instantly cover broad areas of baldness and is personalized for each patient. The size and placement depends upon the patient’s purpose and need. One flap can work for 350 or more punch grafts.

A part of the bald scalp is cut out. While attaching at one end, the flap of hair-bearing skin lifted off the surface. This flap is then brought into its new position. As you recover, you’ll see that the scar gets hidden. It grows to the very end of the cut.

The FUE Technique

The FUE method of hair transplantation was developed to obtain the same FUT results while giving the limitations. Like FUT, FUE comprises harvesting hair follicles from a giver site at the back of the head. It moves them to form a fuller and natural look hairline. Unlike FUT, this method doesn’t include extracting a layer of tissue from the back of the head. Instead, they collect individual hair follicles straight from the scalp and insert them into small cuts made in the receiver site.

Scalp Reduction

Scalp reduction is for covering the bald areas at the top and back of the head. It is not useful for covering the front hairline. After the scalp is injected with a local painkiller, a part of the bald scalp is extracted. The pattern of the division of the excluded scalp differs vastly. It depends on the patient’s aims. If a large amount of coverage is required, doctors usually remove a scalp section in an upend Y-shape. Cuttings can be U-shaped, a pointed oval, or some other shape.


Therefore, these are the various methods that are performed at Beverly hills hair restoration. These methods proved to be successful in yielding great results. If severe hair fall bothers you and you have lost all fun and joy from your life. Then Beverly Hills hair restoration is the best clinic to solve all your issues. Contact us. Our expert team of surgeons is always there to help you. 

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