Learn how to install laminate flooring without professional help

November 18, 2021

Installing laminate flooring is not as complicated as it may sound and does not necessarily need professional help . You just need to have the courage to get your hands dirty and lose the fear of venturing into the DIY universe.

So you don’t have a mistake, we’ve put together a simple and practical step-by-step guide for you to follow when installing laminate flooring in your home. In addition, we’ve separated a list of materials you can’t miss and we’ve gathered all the necessary tips to avoid unpleasant surprises. Check out!

You will need:

1 – Subfloor blanket available in three types. The smooth mat is used for cemented subfloors. Ventilated is suitable for wooden, stone, ceramic or vinyl flooring. Acoustics, in turn, is ideal for non-ground floors and apartments, as it contributes to noise reduction.

2 – 1.5 cm spacers. Spacers should be placed along the wall to leave room for floor expansion.

3 – Profiles, used to finish the placement of laminate flooring. The T-profile must be used throughout the doorway and every 8 m²; the floor-wall profile, as an alternative to the baseboard; the reducing profile, in cold areas and when moving between uneven environments; and the corner (or cord), next to built-in cabinets or masonry furniture.

4 – Baseboard and baseboard glue;

5 – Tools such as measuring tape, square, adhesive tape, knife, circular saw (or hand saw or miter saw), stop block, rubber hammer, S-shaped iron, headless nails and pencil.

Pre-installation precautions:

When calculating the amount of material needed to cover the room in which you want to install laminate flooring, the ideal is to use the formula  : “(room width x room length) x 1.1” to find the correct square footage . This account already includes the average loss of coating (10%), to avoid surprises at the time of installation.

It is also essential that the subfloor is clean and level . The rule for not noticing unevenness at the end of the installation is: differences of up to 3 mm in a space of 1.5 m are acceptable. If the difference is greater than this when measuring with the level, it is advisable to repair the difference before starting the laminate flooring  installation .

Step by step to install laminate flooring

1st step

Place the appropriate blanket on the subfloor, in the opposite direction to the placement of the planks, leaving 1 cm of excess in the corner of the wall and joining the strips with adhesive tape.

2nd step

Position the spacers along the wall closest to the place where the installation will begin, which should be the widest in the room. Place the 1st plank with the male side (the one made to fit, not to receive the fitting of another board) facing the wall, then place the 2nd. During installation, it is important to make sure the wood design is in sequence.


3rd step

It is very likely that the last ruler in the first row will need to be adjusted for length. When sawing, it is important that the decorative side is facing down and that it is at least 20 cm long. To install, the cut part must face the wall.

4th step

Start the second row using a cut ruler, placing it at a 30° angle and working down to fit it. Alternating the position of the cut pieces is a rule of thumb for installing laminate flooring , so make the third row as the first and the fourth as the second until the end of the process.

5th step

Once all planks are installed, remove the spacers and secure the baseboards to the wall with glue and headless nails. To finish the finish, just fit the profiles described above, according to your room’s needs, and you’re done!

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