latest guide of jewelry trends for the fashion insider

No doubt that fashion comes and goes. But a well-loved and custom- made jewelry may last relatively longer. Are you shopping for new, bespoke, or vintage? You will get trendy and subtle yet head-turning jewelry to add to jour jewelry collection. If you are a fashion insider and hunting for modern jewelry in 2020, go for custom-made jewelry that you will fall love with as new today and even cherish them for some years to come. 

As a fashion insider, you need to elevate your look with trendy jewelry. You will get bolder custom-made- jewelry designs such as colorful stones, gold stones, and abstract art. Do you love gravitating towards statement pieces? The new trends will make you reach for simpler styles to layer up and take the beauty in you to another level.

2020 jewelry trends

1. Colorful stone rings

Everyone has a favorite color. The new and trendy colorful stone rings offer you a chance to choose colorful custom-made jewelry that matches your loved color. No matter any of your favorite color may be, rest assured you can get a fine colored stone collection.

Whether it’s for aesthetic value or engagement ring, colored stone rings will never disappoint. You got a pool of stunning colors to choose from. It can be brilliant sapphire, vibrant yellow, playful pink, or gorgeous red. For the engagement ring, it will be even better to get engagement ring insurance from dealers. That helps to secure your valuable. You may return and be given a new one if need be.

2. Layering

It is another red hot trends in 2020. May people are layering stacking rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You may decide to go delicate or bold when it comes to necklaces. The length difference can be subtle or dramatic, but you can rest assured you will look damn attractive in them.

The goal of layering custom made jewelry is to remain unique, and they will help you attain just that. If you want to create a personalized look, ensure to layer bangle and a tennis bracelet. 

Want to show your style and charisma with a layering trend? Don’t forget to stack your diamonds with an emerald band to get cool pop of color. Sacking may appear more complex for rings, but the rending style will allow you to showcase a couple of rings.

3. Big hoops

For earrings, the large size hoops are top on the trend. The good thing about these trends is the ability to adapt. You will appear equally fabulous if you wear big hoops custom made jewelry with a cocktail dress or even when you pair them with a denim jacket. 

In case you are looking for hoops to wear for a fun night out, go for the huge hoops. For casual or work, medium hoops will give you a magical look. Are you out to look unique with this kind of custom made jewelry? Ensure to keep with the layering trend by use of great hoops. You can have multiple ear piercings and wear your large-sized hoops in the lob. Then, wear small hoops and studs up on the side of your ears. That way, you will come out stunning and stylish.

4. Engagement rings

This another trending jewelry style exception to stacking. The new and unique trend in engagement rings is wearing your diamond alone to let it take center stage. When done walking down the aisle, jazz up your solitaire using a stackable of all shapes and colors. You can get an engagement ring insurance offer to ensure your diamond or gold jewel is secured. 

An iconic solitaire with a round radiant, and oval cut has made a comeback in a big style and trending in 2020. When done with a wedding, get a double wedding band that has diamonds. It looks incredible and even better if you pair them with a classic solitaire engagement.   

5. Mixed metals

 Well, in those old times, you may have been told to stick to yellow gold or white and no mixing! That’s not the case in 2020. Mixing metals will offer yo8u great look, and it’s the present trend. It may be custom jade jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. As you layer, be free to mix those fantastic metals for a unique and stylish look.

There is much more fun to blend custom mage jewelry. Apart from helping you develop outstanding, they will bring the person in you and your unique style. The trends are gaining more adherents every day and fit you in any outfit.

6. Tubular chokers

It’s among the trending jewelry that won’t let you down if you like being unique and straightforward. You may go for gold or bright silver tubular jewelry, and you rest assured they will elevate your natural look to a new level. You don’t have to mind the outfit you wear. The tubular jewelry will make you look great in any outfit. The good thing about this kind of jewelry is that you can wear it for a casual or formal event and still look attractive.


Do you want to look great with trending jewelry? You may go the traditional way or choose custom made jewelry. Any choice you pick from the above trendy jewelry will offer you a unique look. You got a chance to retain your style and chrism yet appearing elegant with custom mage jewelry. Uniqueness matters, and how great you seek to occur when it comes to jewelry will depend on your taste and style. 

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