Landscaping terrace: 5 most beautiful examples


The terrace layout in front of the house requires an organization to create a link between the outside and the inside. Discover our tips for creating a very decorative space for relaxation and conviviality.

How to make a success of your terrace layout in front of a house?


A terrace layout in front of the house is to be studied in a practical way in order to avoid any disappointments. It is pleasant to decorate and arrange a space in front of your home dedicated to hospitality and relaxation. Think that a terrace in front of a house must create continuity with the interior decoration for an impression of unity and style.

Discover our tips for creating a terrace near your home with ingenuity and trend.

1. Create privacy in your terrace layout in front of your house

Create privacy with vegetation

Often, whether in town or not, privacy is a criterion not to be missed. Especially for a terrace in front of the house, the passage is sometimes very frequent. And as to live happily, the best is to live hidden according to the saying, it is essential to integrate intimacy into the decoration.

First, you can completely isolate your terrace from the view of neighbors with vegetation. You can then opt for rather thick boxwood hedges, or bamboo for a more ethnic effect. Pay attention to maintenance, this plant grows very quickly. Other climbing plants can mingle perfectly in a fence for a nice effect.

A decoration spirit breeze

If the vegetation is not the best option for you, you can always bet on a more practical screen. There are all kinds to adapt to your decoration.

For example, canisses will be perfect in a fairly natural, ethnic or even seaside decoration. Aged wooden palisades are reminiscent of the charming or vintage style. Also, you can opt for a more openwork version, in wicker for example, to create a protected space but not feel completely enclosed.

Another problem sometimes comes from a higher vis-à-vis, neighbors on upper floors or a higher building next door. To remedy this you can opt for a pergola, a parasol or a stretched canvas. In addition, these elements will protect you from the sun and bad weather.

2. Take care of the arrival via the terrace in front of the house

A varied and very applied terrain

The terrace layout in front of the house is quite impactful because it is one of the first things you see when you arrive at your home. You can therefore play on the variations of materials to create a decorative effect.

Wood will bring a warm and timeless side that goes with all styles. Concrete can be very contemporary but also blends with the exotic. Otherwise, the stone is a safe bet and depending on what you choose the result can be very beautiful.

An elegantly signposted path

To access your house you can create a path that will structure your exterior decoration and that will accompany visitors to your home. You can choose gravel, Japanese steps or other stone slabs. You can also choose to place wooden slats like a flat staircase, very trendy mixed with grass.

If the path is directly on your terrace, do not hesitate to frame the door with two pretty pots with the plants of your choice. Also, light spots are ideal for tracing a path in a terrace.

3. Choose the functions of the terrace layout in front of the house

A little nook for coffee

An outdoor space is always pleasant, especially if you set up a small space to be able to really enjoy it. Even if you only have a very small exterior, it is interesting to develop this small relaxation area. This will allow you to have coffee quietly outside, or to share an aperitif with your other half.

So bet on a small table with stools or plant chairs, two or three cushions. If you have space, a corner bench will be ideal for a cocooning side. You could use the trunk of the bench seat as storage for your outdoor cushions. Do not hesitate to add a small lamp, garland or candle for an illuminated atmosphere!

An outdoor lounge area

In the same spirit but this time on a larger scale, it’s about transposing the comfort of home onto your terrace. So opt for elements that play on these cocooning and decorative sensations.

First, opt for a large outdoor rug, it can be rather natural or colored depending on your decorative identity. Then, a large sofa is also a must for a furnished terrace. Even two if space permits. Add to that poufs and cushions to liven up your decor and add color or pattern to the exterior. A coffee table will complete this small living room.

Second, create an empty corner with a small relaxation area. A hanging chair, or a deck chair or deckchair with a parasol and a side table: the winning combo for a nap outside or a moment to read and sunbathe.

A dining area on the terrace

If your terrace is large enough to accommodate a few people, then a dining area is very pleasant on sunny days.

So that the placement of your table is strategic, opt for a shady place like a tree, or even a pergola or a stretched canvas. This allows you to eat on a summer lunch without being crushed or dazzled by the sun. Place your table in an accessible way with the shortest path to the kitchen.

4. Mix garden and terrace decoration

Add green elements

For the decoration and layout of your terrace in front of your house, remember to keep a small space of nature even if the surface is not very large.

This can be in a large planter to add plants or flowers for a vegetal side. You can also provide a vegetable garden if you like with a container adapted to the shape of your terrace. You can also opt for large pots with shrubs to give a fairly marked look to your exterior.

Alternatively, you can place climbing plants on a wall, or hang plants from the pergola. If you don’t really have a green thumb, bet on fake plants or plant motifs on a cushion or rug.

A few touches of mineral

In order to elevate the style of your decoration, also think about mineral elements. It changes a bit and helps bring texture to your project. For example, use stone pots to place your plants. You can also opt for rocks, rock stones or even gravel to delimit the space and create a clean and designer surface.

Otherwise, decorative statues or small fountains can also be an option and bring originality to your decor.

Furniture in soft and warm colors


In order to arrange and decorate your terrace in front of the house, the choice of furniture is rather important. Bet on materials close to those of your terrace to give an effect of unity and harmony. Check for more now!

Then play on the decorative elements, colors and shapes that are closest to your style. For example, metal and black for an industrial look, or driftwood and white canvas for a seaside style.

Choose a fairly simple base because the furniture remains from year to year. On the other hand, you can change the small decoration more easily, such as the cushions.

5. Current trends for terrace design in front of the house

Trend of the moment n°1: the hammock

The hammock is very trendy because it is a summer symbol that recalls vacations and travels. It dresses an exterior in an original way and allows you to relax in the shade of a pergola, an awning or a tree.

In addition, this element exists in several versions, either sitting or lying; with or without support. You will find hammocks with stripes, others in macramé, others rather united. It’s up to you to match cushions and one or two lanterns to this pretty piece to create a relaxing and decorative corner on your terrace.

Opt for a version of hammock that will perfectly highlight the decorative style of your terrace.

Trend of the moment n°2: outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are the new deco fad for the terrace. Indeed, they bring color, comfort and elevate the decoration as in a real living room even in your garden. They make it possible to delimit a space and you can always play on the layering and the mix and match for a unique result.

These mats are weather resistant so there is no need to put them away every night, which is quite practical. In addition, for children it is ideal. This allows you to create a small play corner without the toys falling between the slats of the terrace and the mat protects against wood splinters or scratches on the stone. Add large storage baskets and here is a play corner with a colorful and festive atmosphere for your little ones!

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