Know More About Why Cheerleaders Use PomPoms& The History of it

September 24, 2021

The cheerleaders are the team that keeps the spirit alive in sports. They are there to get the fans excited for the home team to win at every game.

We get excited about the opening of the pom-poms online shop. We wonder what pompoms are, one of the most glamorous accessories for a squad.

What is a pompom?

Cheerleaders and sports fans use pom-poms as a novelty item at sporting events. You won’t believe they date back to the 1930s. Tissue paper was used to create the first pom-poms. They were easily tattered. The pom-poms were reinvented in the 1960s. Pom-pom makers switched from paper to plastic.

Why do cheerleaders use them?

Pompoms are used by cheerleaders to enhance their showmanship. To grab the attention of the crowd, pompoms are often shiny or glittery. They can be used to emphasize movement or to spell words or letters such as “Colts!” or “Go!” Pompoms are a great addition to cheerleading cheer teams.

There are many types of pom-poms! They are most commonly used by cheerleaders and have a hidden handle. However, fans can use long-stemmed, stringy pompoms to wave high from the stands.

You can cheer for them or sing along, but you’ll be a great fan if you have a pom-pom handy! 

A routine with cheerleading pom-poms can add some pizzazz and showmanship. These pompoms are used for routines. Pom-poms were actually invented as cheerleading became more athletic. The pom girl is a new type of spiritual leader.

The Evolution of Cheerleading PomPoms

Little strands made of pom-poms would fly around cheerleaders as they cheered. The colors of crepe papers would also run together in the event of rain or snow.

A vinyl version of the pom-pom was not introduced until 1965. The International Cheerleading Foundation introduced it to cheerleading teams across the country. The new vinyl pom-poms were lighter and easier to insert a handle or baton into.

Different types of PomPoms

Many various materials are now used to make cheerleading pom-poms. The possibilities are endless, and teams can choose from a wide range of styles. You can even have your own designs printed so that the pom-pom is visible when in use. A squad can choose from a wide range of glitter pompom.

Poms for the Fingers and Hands

Hand poms, also known as finger poms, are cheer balls that have a piece of elastic attached to them so the cheerleader can attach the pom with her hand. These are great for dancing routines because you can’t easily drop them. If your routine contains many stunts, you don’t want anything attached to your hand.

Rooter Poms

As the name suggests, rooter poms are used to rooting at the game. They are great for cheerleaders, but they also work well for fans. These strands are made of long pieces of vinyl that attach to a handle. They are not great for routines because they have a long length. They also don’t have the same volume as traditional pom-poms.

PomPoms for Traditional Cheerleading

There are many styles and colors available for traditional pom-poms. Many teams order two sets of pompoms: one set to cheer at games, and one set to compete. Although competition poms are often available in metallic colors, they don’t have to. You have the option to choose the length of your strands. There is no one size that is better than the other. The length you choose will depend on how often you use the pom. The pom should be shorter and wider if you do a lot of stunts and dancing.

Handle Styles

The type of handle that you want your squad to use is an important aspect of choosing a pom-pom. Some cheerleaders use the poms to perform traditional cheerleader arm movements. The traditional baton handle is best for this type of squad.

If your group is fond of dancing with poms you might consider a bar handle that is easier to grip. The handle also has an elastic strap that prevents the girls from dropping the poms as they move.

Take Care of Your PomPoms

You must take care of your pom-poms in order to make them last. You should be fluffing your pom-poms regularly and properly storing them.

How to Fluff a PomPom

All pom-poms arrive intact. The metal clip is used to attach shorter pompoms. To make the pom look perfect, separate the strands. Fluffing a Pom:

  1. Take small quantities of pom in one hand. Gently pull the strands one by one with your other hand.
  2. You can also shake the pom-pom occasionally to separate the strands.
  3. Continue to work with the pom until all strands have been separated and fluffed.

How to store a PomPoms

You don’t have to fluff your pom-poms each time you use them. Instead, store them in a container that needs a shake every time they are opened. Hang long pompoms. The strands will not crinkle if they are hung up. Long pompoms can be placed in a box if hanging them is not possible. You can think of them like a fancy dress you don’t want wrinkled. You can’t iron out your pom-poms!

Cheer balls and short pom-poms can safely be stored in a container, as their short length makes it difficult to hang them properly. They will need to be fluffed slightly each time they are taken out. This can be done by gently shaking the strands and shaking them.

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