Know Different Types Of Esports Betting

Everything may feel a little confusing when you get into the world of esports betting First of all, you’ll find a variety of bet types and some particular actions. But when you understand some basics, it stops looking like Hercule’s task. One of the critical things you must learn it’s the betting options available and how they work. 


Different types of esports betting from various sites.


One of the esports bettings uses odds listing with a negative or positive number placed next to the team’s name. It’s a popular bet used in the majority of American betting sites. But when you’re playing on other sites, you will find a decimal system. 


When you’re betting on an individual match between two teams, you have to put more stake than you expect to win on the favorite. That means a big favorite also has an unfavorable Moneyline. 


Sometimes you might see positive numbers on the Moneyline, especially in esports bets where there’s a possibility of the match ending in a draw. You can also make two separate bets on either side of the lines, which would guarantee you a profit regardless of who wins the bet. But the catch here is, you lose both your bets if the match finishes with a draw. 


Point Spread

While a money line bet involves numbers attached to each team representing the amount of money you expect to win, the point spread is different. You decide if the favorite can win with a particular margin instead of just picking the winner. And if you win the match but lacks enough margin that will cover the spread, then you’ll lose the bet. 


Point spreads can apply in any esports betting, but it attracts most action in matches expected to have a lopsided win for a particular side. So, when you put a significant handicap on the favorite by forcing them to win comfortably, the match becomes more challenging to predict and attracts more action to the underdog. 


Point spread will be listed as a “+(x)” beside an underdog team. The “x” represents the value of the winning team that it has to cover. We can simplify it by adding the value “x” to the underdog’s total if they lose the match. And if that puts their score on the favorite’s last score, you win the bet.


While you get closer to the match’s start time, you’ll realize the point spread shifting. And based on the match expectation changes, bookmakers may make some adjustments to balance the action they’ve taken. Since betting sites make their esports betting profits from the commissions, they will constantly adjust their lines to get the money bet on every side.


Aside from money lines, over/under (O/Us) are probably the most common and popular types of esports betting you’ll see online. Instead of betting that a specific team will win, you’re betting in a particular match statistic. For example, the most common type of O/U is a bet on whether both teams’ combined scoring will fall over or under a certain specific number.


Over/ Under

Usually, the O/U bets are listed at “(x).5,” value, although it’s impossible to score .5 points in this esports betting. Bookies use this as a mechanism to avoid returning the wagers to the two parties due to the score that might fall on the specific number. 


We’ll use an example to illustrate this; let’s say the O/U on total goals scored in an X match is set at 6.5. If there’s a score of six or fewer goals, then the under bet wins. But if the scores are seven or more, the over bet wins. And it’s important to note that there are no half-score goals, so the bets get settled anyhow.



A parlay is one of the most popular esports betting options for those trying to keep safe with a small wager. It involves a series of bets where you have to successfully pick at least the most winners to win the bet. Those series of bets is what is known as a “parlay card.” You’ll be picking your preferred matches on the card and then pick the match winners. When you hit a parlay card with three and above legs, you can make significant returns. (A leg is a match you add to the card).


It’s good to note that the total parlay return varies based on your match choices and the winning team. If the odds against your picks are longer, the more chance you have to get them back, if successful. 


In conclusion, and those are the significant types of esports betting you have to try. Remember to go easy, and first understand them before you go straight in. 

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