Java vs JavaScript: Most Important Comparison You Should Know

So many people are confused with Java and JavaScript programming languages because both have this common word Java. Both programming languages are good, and both languages have plus points over the other. With different features both the programmings are utilized for different purposes. Both programming languages have common word Java doest mean they are the same. Both programming languages are entirely different. Both Java and JavaScript languages have a C like syntax and are allocated in client-side Web applications. To make you understand the clear difference between both the languages, we have explained everything in detail. To get complete detail about both the languages you can take online help with javascript assignment help and Java assignment.


Java Programming Language

Java programming language is an object-oriented language and has a virtual machine platform that enables users to generate compiled programs that can run almost on every platform. James Gosling designed this programming language in 1995. 


Java Programming Language Features

Below we have listed some of the major Java programming language features are:

  • The Java programming language is Very Safe and extremely Robust.
  • The programming language is easy to understand and has no difficulty in its features like a pointer, inheritance, operator overloading, etc.
  • The Java programming language is designed for object-oriented application development. 
  • With automatic memory management, the Java programming language is multithreaded.
  • It describes an example of a class like inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism.
  • CodeS will be written once and work on nearly every device.



JavaScript programming language is a lightweight language or scripting language. This programming language is applied to make web pages interactive. One can also call JavaScript language the browser’s language. JavaScript is completely different from the Java language. Both the languages have a C-like syntax and are generally used in server-side and client-side Web applications. 


Features of Javascript

  • If and Else statement
  • Lightweight and delicate
  • It is case sensitive
  • Statement looping
  • Object-based scripted language
  • Handling dates and time
  • Detecting the user’s browser and OS
  • Generating HTML content 
  • Ability to create functions in the script



Below we have listed some of the important differences of bother programming languages that one must know:

  • Java programming language is an object-oriented, multi-platform, and network-centric language, on the other hand, JavaScript is a scripting programming language that supports you build interactive web pages.
  • Java programming language is a strongly typed language, but JavaScript language is a weakly typed language.
  • Java programming has a file extension “.Java,” on the other hand, Javascript programming has the file extension “.js”
  • With Java programming, you need to write code once, and then it can be run on different computing platforms, whereas Javascript is a cross-platform programming language.
  • Java programming language is compiled on the server before execution on the client while the client interprets JavaScript.
  • Java is a static language, Whereas JavaScript is dynamic.



Above we have mentioned all the relevant information regarding both the languages that will help you know the difference between Java and JavaScript programming language. Students who were confused with both the programming we hope their doubt is clear now. The Java programming language is huge in demand as compared to JavaScript. With different features both the programmings are utilized for different purposes. One is used for most applications and back-end programs, whereas the other one is used for making web applications. If both programming languages have a common word Java in that doesn’t make them same. 

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