Is this Waxing Safe for Sensitive Skin?

One needs to be choosy when one has extremely sensitive skin. Anything wrong can harm your skin in unknown ways. If seen worldwide, then waxing is safe from every aspect. But many people wonder whether waxing works for sensitive skin also. The answer is yes. Without any doubt, waxing is safe for sensitive skin. But to keep it safe, you need to be careful with the quality of wax and the wax therapist. With waxing, it is possible to have glamorous and smooth skin. In the first place, for sensitive skin, there must be a light hand and constant vigilance. It’s not only meant for hair removal but also your skincare and showering habits. There are some other things too which you should take care of while waxing on the sensitive skin. Have a look. 


Things to take care for sensitive skin while waxing 

No doubt waxing is much better than shaving. But if your skin is sensitive, then you need to take care while waxing also. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. The same applies in waxing also. Have a look at some of the tips to ensure that waxing works best on your sensitive skin. 


Clean skin- Make sure whenever you are about to get waxing, you are clean enough. Have a shower before and then go waxing. There are fewer chances of bacteria being present on your skin when you are clean. Consequently, this way, there will be no infection. Also, make sure that your skin is completely dry. 


Check the waters- You must test the waters before, so there must be no irritation on your skin after undergoing waxing. This will also work if you are new to waxing and go a long way in protecting your sensitive skin. It will also lead to ingrowth which is a plus point for people with sensitive skin. 


After waxing care- For sensitive skin, post-waxing care is of utmost importance. You have to be extra careful with post-waxing care and need to moisturize your skin after waxing to soothe it. It helps keep your skin soft and hydrated. 


Remember to sanitize- One wrong move and your skin can have to face a lot. Make sure to sanitize when waxing. It’s imperative to apply antiseptic lotion both before and after waxing. It will help to keep the bacteria at bay and ensure proper care of your sensitive skin. 


Avoid face wax- Many people also have face wax along with other areas. It isn’t advisable to wax your sensitive areas like the face, upper lip, chin due to the delicate skin. For such areas, one can opt for other alternatives to waxing, like a razor. 


Waxing salon- How can one overlook the salon from where one has to get waxing? You surely cannot take such a big risk. Consequently, be choosy when you are looking out for the perfect salon to get waxing. Ensure that your wax therapist is competent enough to perform waxing on sensitive skin. He should use the right technique while waxing. Along with this, look out for the ideal wax for sensitive skin. 


Apply ice- After you are done with your waxing, make sure to cool it with some ice over your skin. This will prevent rashes and irritation on your skin. On the other hand, you can also have a splash of cold water on your skin. 


Be careful with rashes- There is a high possibility of rashes caused by waxing if your skin is too sensitive. Make sure to take all the precautions and also tell your wax therapist to perform waxing with extra care. It will prevent you from any blemishes, cuts, and rashes. 


Best waxes for sensitive skin 

For sensitive skin, you need such wax, which causes less pain and irritation. Keep the following waxes in your mind while selecting the perfect one for you. 

Cream wax- Cream wax is highly effective in removing fine hair from the skin and preventing burns. It requires unique strips and can feel a little sticky when applied but works best on sensitive skin. 

Hard wax- It is used to prepare your skin for the waxing and is regarded as superior to other waxes. Also, it is much easier to clean it. 

Sugar wax- Lastly, there is sugar wax. It is an alternative option to waxing that uses natural ingredients to remove unwanted hair from the body. You can also use this if your skin is sensitive. 


Your skin needs special attention when it is sensitive. You can adhere to the tips mentioned above for safe waxing and get beautiful glowing skin. 


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