Is PRP treatment better for Hair Regrowth in Los Angeles?

Hair loss takes a toll on the victims’ esteem—many results from seeking unorthodox methods to regrow their hair. Lucky are you if you are old enough to accept a bald head. You can have a PRP treatment in Los Angeles that can help you revive your hair loss. However, you need to know its efficacy and better than other available hair loss treatments.

PRP is among the modern methods of hair loss treatment. It helps revive the cells around the hair roots; Few people will combine PRP hair treatment with hair transplant. It helps in speeding up the recovery process and boosts the success rate. 

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The doctor extracts the plasma from your blood. Then they pass it through a centrifuge machine that separates the blood components. 

In the first round, the blood separates into three parts. The doctor uses a syringe to suck platelet-rich plasma and buffer. He then returns the content to the machine for a second time. The second round helps to concentrate the plasma and do away with plain plasma. 

The doctor injects the plasma into the scalp. He will do several evenly distributed injections so that the plasma can reach many hair roots. 

There are a few scientific findings that prove PRP is good for hair regrowth. Scientists are still researching how the treatment works, but many patients see positive results after a few treatments.

In 2016, young scientists made a study to compare hair regrowth after using PRP and Minoxidil. They used 40 subjects and divided them into two groups. Although some subjects withdrew from the test, the remaining subjects had positive results. However, the PRP group had more profound regrowth than the Minoxidil group. 

There was another study in 2015. It was to see if PRP can increase hair density. They did the test for three months on a small group of 10 people. Although the number is small to qualify scientific research, the results are proof that PRP works on hair regrowth. We can back this up with the several patients that have seen positive results after the treatment. 

PRP helps PRP treatment in Los Angeles because it helps in cell regrowth despite minimal scientific proof. Platelets help the blood to clot. Thus it is an added advantage when you get a concentrated dose. It is also known that it helps in oxygen and blood circulation on the scalp. Therefore, your hair roots have enough oxygen and nutrients to aid hair growth. 

Are PRP Results Permanent?

PRP therapy is a temporary hair loss solution. It does not cure the cause of hair loss. Thus, you need to have scheduled therapies to maintain steady hair growth. Alternatively, you can have PRP with a healthy hair regimen. It helps to reduce the PRP sessions. 

The distribution of your therapy sessions will depend on various factors. First, they need to assess your condition. If it is severe, your sessions will be close. Less severe hair loss requires spread-out PRP sessions. 

Is PRP for Hair Regrowth a Good Option

PRP hair loss is one of the best hair regrowth solutions. It’s non-invasive. Thus, you have minimal risks for infections after the treatment. 

PRP therapy is painless. Thus, you do not need anesthesia during treatment. You do not suffer post-anesthesia effects. Also, you only experience mild pain that needs mild painkillers to suppress it. 

PRP gives results to all the patients that take it. It helps the blood to regenerate dormant cells and muscle repair. Thus, you will have an increase in hair growth without the introduction of harmful chemicals. 

There are no chances of cross infections since PRP is made out of your blood. This stands as the most significant advantage of all. Also, you will not need to seek a donor for PRP. 


PRP does not involve altering your hair pattern. Thus, you get a natural result. No one would notice that you had PRP therapy. Also, the blood is not mixed with any chemicals except the coagulant. Thus, the whole therapy is chemical-free. 

You will experience some sound side effects from PRP treatment in Los Angeles. Plasma is rich in proteins that help supply hai roots with nutrients. It also boosts blood circulation, oxygen levels, and nutrient intake. The results are thick and healthy hair growth. 

PRP hair treatment is painless. It scraps the need for anesthesia during treatment. You only feel some discomfort during treatment. The doctor will give you painkillers to take in case you feel pain after the treatment. 

PRP treatment takes a short recovery time. You will need a day or two to recover. Then, you will start witnessing the results from the third week. Also, you do not shed hair after treatment.

There are minimal risks and side effects of PRP therapy. It makes it one of the favorable methods of hair regrowth.


PRP treatment Los Angeles offers a non-invasive method for hair regrowth. It has a high success rate if you have patients. You will realize speedy regrowth if you address your hair loss problem before it progresses. 

You can combine PRP therapy with other hair loss treatments. However, you need your doctor’s advice to know if you are a good candidate for PRP therapy. 


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