Is Memory Foam or Gel Memory Foam Pillow Better?

November 22, 2021

The difference in the pillows is in the making and the stuff that is put in these pillows. The memory foam pillow has shredded foam in it, and the gel memory foam pillow has gel as its stuffing. Let us take a look at more details about these pillows for a better understanding of the difference. 

Sleep is essential for us as it is supposed to make us feel fresh and energetic for the next day. May it be for a hectic day at the office or a day at school or any other kind of work. But if that sleep is altered and disturbed for any reason then you do not feel very good the next day. We tend to feel sleepy and tired the whole day. Moreover, you will find it difficult to focus on things. The reason behind disturbed sleep can be any like your mattress, noisy environment, or your pillow. Here we are going to focus on the pillow aspect as it is not realized by people but it is one of the most important factors. People now have become familiar with the importance of having a nice pillow. If you want to try some pillow that can enhance your sleep then you can try the pillows by sleepsia

Gel-infused Memory Foam Cervical Pillow & Memory Foam Pillow

 Both these pillows function in a similar manner. The only difference is the thing stuffed inside them to maintain the shape and provide support. The memory foam pillow benefits of using these pillows are below:-

  • Supports Your Head:

The foam and gel-infused in these pillows make sure that they will not only extend the proper needed support to the head and the neck but also adapt to the shape of the individual’s body. These pillows will distribute the weight of the head properly and will prevent the head from sinking fully into the pillow.

The gel will give you the feeling of the head being cradled.

  • Relieves Pressure Points:

There are pressure points all over our body like the neck, shoulders, and back. And these memory foam pillows are specially designed to support these pressure points. These pillows conform to the shape that of the neck. 

  • Alignment of Spine:

If the neck has proper support and is in proper space, this ensures that the spine is also in good alignment. This will lead to sound sleep and ensure the body has a proper posture.

Good alignment of the body is a prerequisite to a proper snooze. 

  • Hypoallergenic:

The best memory foam pillow India do not let the bacteria grow, which means no molds or dust mites are able to settle on the surface of the pillow. So wheezing and sneezing are lessened, and make it a great option for people with allergies. 

  • Snoring:

It is all about the posture and these pillows ensure that it is maintained. So you will not have a snoring problem now or you will snore a lot less than you used to. When the air passing through faces some hurdles it leads to snoring but when the passage is aligned it keeps the airways open through the night. 

The gel-infused memory foam has one more benefit that it disperses body heat and you can have a cooler and more comfortable sleep. It will reduce the sweating near the head severely. 

 The specialty of the gel-infused pillow is that these are moldable and can be converted into whatever shape you like and the best memory foam pillow adapts to the shape of your head and the body. 

You might have concerns if you can or cannot wash your pillows? Yes, you can surely wash them, but with some extra care of course! These special pillows need some things to be kept in mind before you wash these pillows.

Preventive measures

Don’t wash directly put these in a washing machine

Avoid using hot water to wash. 

Place them under tap water or dip into water. 

You can use of a wet cloth to clean.

These pillows are available with washable covers. 

Keep them under shade before sunlight exposure.

Switch to Sleepsia Gel Memory Foam Pillow for a comfortable sleep.

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