Is botox treatment good to get rid of double chin?

Many people relate double chin to overweight, but listen up! You can be lean and still have a layer of fat below your chin. The most common causes of a double chin include genetics, aging, and yes, weight changes can all be factors triggering the submental fat. People with these fat layers below their chin are self-conscious.

You are apparently reading this because you want to know how to get rid of a double chin. For starters, there are some exercises such as chin rotation and kissing the ceiling that can strengthen the muscles in the area of your double chin, though not scientifically proven. If the activities fail to show any results, your doctor may recommend aesthetic medicine. 


Botox Injection Preparation

Your doctor will give you a set of instructions for you to follow, be sure to do so diligently. The instructions include; no alcoholic beverages for 48 eight hours before your session. No use of over-the-counter ibuprofen, Ginkgo Biloba, fish oil, but most importantly, inform your aesthetician of any health condition or any medication you’re taking.


Botox Treatment for Your Chin

Melting the fat below your chin becomes as easy as a breeze with the ‘injectables’ advent. Botox injections have risen in popularity; its minimally invasive non-surgical procedure and considered safe for most people.  Botox treatment will work well to minimize the layers of fat under your chin. Your aesthetician will inject the toxin that temporarily hinders the muscle movement beneath the skin. It’ll smooth out the appearance of wrinkles on your jaw area. Though plastic surgeons can use Botox injection to eliminate the double chin, the FDA has not sanctioned it.


Botox Procedure

Like any other non-surgical procedure, you should discuss medical history with your aesthetician before starting your Botox treatment. The most common target areas for treatment will include double chin, wrinkles, and dimples in your chin. After your doctor cleans your face, then disinfect the place to be treated. After that, your specialist will inject Botox straight into your chin. Your doctor will complete your injections within an hour, and your session will then be over. You’ll be able to notice your results in two weeks. And that’s how to get rid of the double chin.


Risks and Side Effects

Common risks and side effects likely you’re likely to undergo include; pain, inflammation, and discoloration. Also, a crooked smile and your muscle may twitch; however, you should immediately seek medical attention to avoid further complications. 


In Conclusion

Make sure to consult with a skilled and highly experienced Botox provider for your treatment. If you’re in good health generally, Botox injection will work for you.  

Botox treatment successfully eliminates wrinkles, crow feet, and frown lines. It’s not a permanent treatment, but it will last roughly 3 to 6 months.






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